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"I started working with Hop Online just after I launched Zillidy in 2012. At the time, Zillidy was an unknown brand in the market and had no web presence. Paris and his team put together a comprehensive content marketing, social media and SEO strategy for us. After only 9 months, Zillidy has increased its daily unique traffic to the website significantly and the time each visitor spends and the number of pages viewed has steadily increased. Our social media followers (on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) have increased organically from zero when we brought Hop Online onboard to a highly respectable and quality following. This newfound social media presence has enabled us to disseminate the quality content that Hop Online has produced and increase our brand presence among prospective clients and thought leaders in our industry. We started with no SEO ranking and now, due to Hop Online’s efforts, Zillidy ranks on the first page of Google for several highly competitive, important industry keywords, ahead of several of Canada’s largest banks. The Hop Online team has become an extension of Zillidy’s marketing team. I have enjoyed working with them to date, am ecstatic about the results so far and would recommend them to other small business owners and start-ups."

Steven Uster,  Zillidy

"Hop Online has been a valuable partner for us. They provide a professional service and great value. Being a start-up, we don't have a large budget like many of our competitors, and Hop Online was able to work within our budget and deliver solid results that helped grow our business."

Brian Hager,  Tradesparq

"Through content marketing and social outreach, Hop Online has helped us increase our website traffic and student lead generation by nearly 200%."

Barry Ferguson,  AIMS Education

"What heaven to find an SEO company that delivers! Hop Online are a very bright bunch. In our experience they provide a highly skilled service, clear monthly reporting, fast responses when issues arise... and great results! Our apartment rental business at www.cleves.bg depends on a steady flow of online enquiries. Thanks to this team the traffic keeps growing at a healthy pace. Respect."

Vesey Crichton,  Cleves

"It's quite reassuring when their reports arrive on Mondays and show exactly who took which desired actions on our site during the past week."

Brian Hankey,  Health Basics

"We have decided to make SEO a top priority throughout our organization. We are using (Hop Online’s SEO) guide as the basis for training our Sofia-based developer teams. It covers everything!"

Dimitar Peev,  eCommera

"Performance-based marketing is a must for our business--and we must also do it better than our competitors. Hop Online gives us this assurance, letting us focus on our core business."

Xavier Marcenac,  CallPoint Group

"Ensuring visibility of our site to decision makers is central to our marketing activities. Hop Online helps us achieve measurable and constantly improving results."

Anton Stoyanov,  Hamilton Data Services

"Hop Online's razor-sharp keyword research helped us to more broadly align our messaging across all marketing channels."

Stefan Lilov,  Bianor

"We've been able to allocate more resources to sales and grow our business much faster by outsourcing certain parts of the process to Hop Online."

Michel Houthoff,  Holiday Cars

"After Hop Online executed their SEO audit, our bond agency has seen sustained growth in organic website traffic. Since we were hit by both Panda and Penguin, this was a big step in the right direction."

Eric Weisbrot,  JW Surety Bonds

"Hop Online has helped us achieve significant increases in social media audiences size and engagement rates, all while maintaining positioning for Bluewater as premium brand. We are now getting targeted enquiries to our website for our luxury products. The team at Hop Online have been a pleasure to work with and their high level of professionalism and expertise have provided results above and beyond our initial expectations."

Michelle Guy,  Bluewater Yachting

"The team at Hop Online has the right approach. Thanks to them, we reversed our traffic decline, and it's been on the way up ever since."

Stefani Thionnet,  Private Label Supplement

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