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Vassilena Krumova
Marketing Intern
Vassilena Krumova
Vassilena is an art buff who's passionate about music, literature, and all kinds of visual art there is. She is curious about the human mind and her introverted nature lets her take a step back, observe, and learn about its inner workings. Getting tattooed is her therapy and riding her bike is her energy booster.

a curious introverted musicophile.
I try to remember what my dream was about.
with my headphones on.
coffee, music, and the right mindset.
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.?
take long strolls while obsessively listening to albums on repeat.
late night.
I constantly learn new things and I get to talk to great people.
the universe and the human mind.
just give me a forest and I'm good to go.
reading people's minds.
books and headphones.
people behave the way they do.
travel a lot. Then travel some more.
just computer stuff.
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