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Tenley Haraldson
Content Editor
Tenley Haraldson
Former grammar teacher with a compulsive need to edit. A secret musician who makes a mean banana bread. Loves: The Kinks, cheese, Arrested Development, and the Oxford comma. Dislikes: pigeons, laugh tracks, and waking up before the sun.

sarcastic, quick-witted, emotional.
gasp for breath, as my wakeup call tends to be a cat, pouncing on my stomach.
with a weekly layout that changes within 15 minutes of walking through the door.
my awesome colleagues, a shot of espresso, and a solid internet connection.
teaching teenagers in public schools. I think I've seen everything now.
Dlisted.com, splitsider.com, Thesaurus.com
play guitar, cook more elaborate meals than I should, meet friends for drinks, DIY projects in my flat, catch up on my Pre-Code Hollywood films, and hang out with Pickles the Cat.
I get paid to write wide-ranging articles, edit the work of clients and colleagues, and spend my day surrounded by people I genuinely like. What's not to love?
Katharine Hepburn and Mae West. Strong, no-nonsense women who were successful because of their resilience and fortitude.
Van, Turkey. Where else can you swim beneath the desolate ruins of a 3,000-year-old fortress?
to speak every language fluently without having to study conjugations and cases.
honestly, you can't probably find anything under the books and papers.
people who have the opportunity to see the world would rather sit at home.
pay off Sallie Mae, buy a well-deserved holiday for my closest friends and family, and donate the towards human rights charities and organizations for the rest of my life.
the last time I tried to describe my job to my grandparents, they stared blankly at me and awkwardly changed the subject. To them, I'm a writer, and that's good enough for me!
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