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Shire Lyon
Business Development Expert
Shire Lyon
Shire Lyon is a digital marketer, content writer and PPC/SEM advertising specialist. Equally left and right-brained, Shire is both analytical and creative. She utilizes this dual-mindedness and eye for detail to give life to engaging content for clients.

energetic, intelligent, fun-loving
yawn and ask the sun why it had to get up so early.
to pay for having fun. No seriously, I enjoy being with people and it really gives me inspiration to write.
coffee, coffee, coffee did I say coffee? Ok well good music too!
my kids. They’re honest to a fault, so if I don’t take it personally they have a lot to teach me.
Google, Moz and Facebook.
fun stuff like housework. J/k I love going hiking and biking and walking on the beach.
is any time that isn’t morning! I’m totally not a morning person.
writing is my real life super power and I get to use it.
nature and my kids.
is the Bahamas. I love the beach!
invisibility or persuasion. Those can come in handy in any circumstance.
my glasses and a good book.
there aren’t more days in the weekend and hours in the day.
buy myself tons of Dr. Who-themed stuff and take a sabbatical to write a novel.
I would tell them it’s like PPC is like ads in the newspaper, but they come up when people search in Google. I’d tell them content marketing is like writing for industry journals. They’d scratch their heads and say they didn’t understand that “internet thingy.”
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