Our People

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Figure out if it's morning or noon.
...straight from the gym.
Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
Doing stuff and not listening to people.
Google, Youtube, Facebook
Thinking about food, stuffing my face with food. Pretty much sums up my life.
I don't like daytime and sun light. I'm a part time vampire, prefer night time.
It's like Christmas.... you never know what's going to be in your inbox in the morning.
The kitchen. They have Oreos and Nutella there!
Destroy all food on Earth, so I can save on groceries and toilet paper bills.
Books I've intended to start reading 3 years ago.
Just googled "I wonder why". Turns out this is a song. It's a terrible song! I'm no longer wondering...
Life is too easy to play the lottery, no need to make it any easier on yourself.
I'll just tell them I make a lot of money, that's usually the part they're interested in.
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