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Miglena Angelova
Project Manager
Miglena Angelova
Meggy is a hip-hop dancer disguised as a marketer. She's a proud owner of a Master's Degree in European Project Management acquired in Italy and followed by work in Spain. An extrovert by heart, she enjoys communicating with colorful characters, talking about life and finding the good in people. She dedicates herself to helping our clients improve their digital marketing strategies on a daily basis. Turning chaos into order and listening to music are as essential to her as air and water.

dancer, curious, adventurous.
put some music on!
always with coffee!
music, coffee and natural light.
open-minded honest people who aren't afraid to speak up.
Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook.
either dance or try to reconnect with nature :)
is when the sun is giving way to the night.
it's flexible and allows me to communicate with different people from all over the world.
people who show true dedication and passion towards what they love.
is the biggest Greek island - Crete.
flying or time-travelling.
books, water and candles.
people aren't nicer to each other?
travel the world and right some wrongs.
I organise, systematise and analyse.
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