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Maggie Andreeva
SM Expert
Maggie Andreeva
Maggie's crazy passion for fonts and styles comes to life in Hop's office everday as she works tirelessly to perfect social posts & ad creatives. Choose the wrong shade of orange (...any shade of orange) and you'll get what's coming to you. Self taught tattoo artist & dog lover. Obsessed with Stephen King's books, hard music & history.

dogs, tattoos, music.
to open my eyes.
to do my job.
internet, laptop and a mouse.
Stephen King's books.
9gag, you tube, Instagram
is when I back to my bed.
it's challenging.
the science of nature.
every place is the best when I'm there for the first time.
time traveling.
a book.
I have to fill this questionery.
take my dog and go to Chili.
I'd say I'm learning new things everyday.
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