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Lyuboslav Kostadinov
PPC Expert
Lyuboslav Kostadinov
Bringing together the creative & analytical, Lyubo delves into philosophy, poetry, and marketing alike with a perfectionist mindset. A night owl, he broods around the office during the day, always on the lookout for the next website or PPC campaign to optimize for ideal results.

Reason. Fantasy. Balance.
express my deep, true love for the alarm clock.
PC, Cigarettes, Salary
Jay Wessman and Brendan Mace, if we're talking about marketing.
YouTube, Facebook, Stumbleupon
the dishes...from time to time. I also write poetry and make electronic music.
I prefer the night.
it gives me the flexibility I've always looked for when searching for a job.
my mom, Bill Gates and Marilyn Manson.
time traveling.
My parrot, he usually sleeps there.
people are trying to play God, while praying to him.
do nothing, because the lottery is for fools.
I help people grow their businesses by advertising on the internet, instead of the newspaper or on a billboard.
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