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Kristina Maglova
SEO Lead
Kristina Maglova
Kristina is our SEO expert. Her expertise includes SEO audit and strategy development, user acquisition analysis and conversion rates optimization. Before joining Hop Online she has worked for one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK and has proven track record of positive online results. When she is not working on SEO projects, Kristina loves to travel all over the globe.

effective, SEO, strategy.
look through the window.
walking, thinking, imagining.
Internet connection, true professionals, positive vibes.
people who do things in an unexpected way.
Google, Soundcloud, Etsy.
love travelling, meeting friends.
the moment just before sunset.
it is constantly evolving.
people who do their job well.
Bulgaria and South East Asia.
setting a different superpower every time I need one.
a glass of water.
we don't live closer to nature.
make the best of it.
help companies and people sell products and share knowledge on the internet.
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