Our People
Ina Karadzhova
Creative Director
Ina Karadzhova
Known for her 6th sense, Ina is a brand visionary who puts the "art" in "startup.” Besides design and usability, her expertise also includes content marketing and SEO for long-term brand-building strategies.

Holding a key role in the company since its very start, she is passionately dedicated to making Hop Online one of the top global agencies in the Inbound Marketing industry. In her spare time you will find her painting in preparation for her next art exhibit.

Ina, curiosity, love.
look for the sun.
freedom, imagination, serenity.
Huffington Post, Dezeen, Artist's Network and many others.
do art.
it employs my best skills in all their broadness.
the whole magnificent world we exist in.
the one I am at right now.
to always see the Truth as it is.
dust and books.
people hurt each other.
create an art school for children with autism.
I'd tell them that I manage a team of journalists who publish on screens, not on paper anymore.
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