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Galya Mladenova
SEO Expert
Galya Mladenova
Naturally blond, sunflower-loving and yoga-practicing enthusiast. In love with origami art and the smell of coffee. Galya has almost 5 years of journalism experience before going into the dynamic field of digital marketing. Determined to do her best at any given moment and constantly learning new things. She's in love with writing and strongly believes that high quality content is a must for every digital business.

courage, creativity and... cleaning my desk regulary
I start thinking about all the tasks I have planned for the day, then I get overwhelmed, and I decide to get some more sleep to get over this.
filled with energy after the refreshing walk to work.
coffee, notepad and a hair band
Gmail, Facebook and Pinterest.
do yoga, sudoku, origami, muffins.
Sunday morning.
every time you think you are so good you can cheat Google, Google changes the rules and you go back to square 1. It's never boring.
origami art, rainbows, sunny days, Google algorithm updates. And sunflowers.
Geneva, Switzerland. I visited CERN for a week and was astonished by the atmosphere, the people, and all the experiments done there. Turns out everybody can fall in love with particle physics.
speaking nerd language.
alarm clock, hand cream that I never use, and a notepad with a plan for the next day.
unicorns are always pink. Is there a blue unicorn?
support a good charity cause. Adopt a cat and hire a person that would play with it while I'm at work or travelling. And start a successful online business in order to keep paying for the cat companion.
I help people who want to buy something online by making it easier for them to find what they are looking for.
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