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Etien Slavchev
SEO Expert
Etien Slavchev
At the young age of 23 Etien has been doing Local SEO for 3 years already, working mainly with American and British businesses. An aspiring musician, he has studied Philosophy and loves to play basketball.

in need of keyword research analysis :D
check my soundcloud, play a song, drink water.
by train.
Headphones, Google, Keyboard.
my life experiences.
Soundcloud, Google, Facebook(sadly).
play basketball, read, make music, go out with friends, have walks and many more.
when the superpowers decide to visit me.
I communicate with people that are excited about what they do and because online market is evolving in a very fast pace so it keeps things exciting.
communication with people that share similar views of life, music, books, life itself, nature and etc.
fly (cliche, but I would love it).
Books, Music Player, Coins.
we have to live in a capitalistic society.
explore the world as much as I can with my friends and family and donate to people or organizations that would actually use the money for something good.
I would do it very easily.
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