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Dimitar Raykov
SEO Expert
Dimitar Raykov
While a master degree in international relations and political science does not necessary lead to become a diplomat or a minister, Dimitar is still interested in the field of political affairs, writing on migration, human rights, foreign policy and global social justice movements for online journals and academic papers. On work days at Hop Online he is investing a great deal of time in SEO audits and eating bananas in bulk.

Drugfree vegan alchemist
Drinking an imaginary alchemical elixir in each one of my girlfriend's kisses.
By bycycle.
Fruits, water, music.
Collaboration rather than competition.
Roar magazine, vegan YouTube channels, Everyday Feminism.
Live a life that's worth living.
It's each and every moment, right here and right now.
It saved me from becoming a politician.
The world around me; when you listen and pay attention to all that surrounds you, you can learn even from the inexperienced.
Is my own imagination.
The power to possess immense knowledge of the universe.
Sci-fi books.
People still ask me where do I get my protein.
Build a house in the woods and just go to live there eating berries and dance around the fire every night.
Something that makes it easier for businesses to be found on the internet.
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