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Delcho Stanimirov
PPC expert
Delcho Stanimirov
Delcho is one of our PPC experts. He chose this field because it is constantly evolving, he is inspired by web analytics and, in his opinion, digital is the future of marketing. He studied Marketing and Business Administration and has been working as a digital marketer since 2011. He enjoys working at Hop Online not just because it is one of the top digital agencies but also because most of the guys here have beards longer than his. Outside of work he likes to be in nature, ride his bicycle, listen to all kinds of music, be with his family and friends, and drink good beer.

curious, emotional, friendly.
turn off the Airplane mode of my phone.
eager to meet the challenges of the new day.
green tea, music and motivation.
my experience.
2 places - My Feedly feed and Google Now Cards feed.
sleep. At all other times I'm online.
is the morning when I'm full of energy to face the new day.
it never stops evolving.
my success.
Stockholm, Sweden.
the ability to see myself through the eyes of others.
my phone.
there is so much war and misery in the world.
travel the world.
I'd tell them I run advertisements on the internet.
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