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Antoaneta Grigorova
PPC Expert
Antoaneta Grigorova
An organizational guru, proficient self-learner and a bit of a perfectionist with analytical mind, Toni has discovered that all her best treats fit her role of a PPC expert to the dot. Motivated and passionate about Adwords, she has dedicated herself to becoming the Ultimate PPC Superheroine of Hop Online. She enjoys learning new languages and experiencing new cultures and she is a certified master of reading while walking, chocolate degustations and painting by numbers.

positive, self-learner, achiever
snooze the alarm...3 times
with a big smile on my face :)
great and smiley team, fast Internet and computer and afternoon snacks
the times I challenged myself out of my comfort zone - personally and professionally
Facebook, YouTube, Google in my personal time and Wordstream.com, SearchEngineLand.com and Adweek.com for PPC news and tips
tons of socializing, reading fiction and dancing
it's dynamic, challenging and constantly keeping you on your toes!
success (mine and of people around me)
Barcelona (I keep coming back for more)
reading minds when I choose it
my phone and my Kindle
there's no calories-free chocolate we could consume all day... every day!
do the mandatory trip around the world with my friends and family, buy an island and sponsor those in need of funds for education
I say I do advertising "in the Internet"...
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