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Anna Karadzhova
Managing Director
Anna Karadzhova
Starting out as Hop's first Content Editor, Anna soon mastered the art of Digital Marketing and is now the youngest Managing Partner at Hop Online. It's her mission to assure that all of our work meets the highest industry standards and to give your businesses an edge over the competition with positively great ROI. A philosophy graduate of the University of Chicago, she divides her time between Chicago and Sofia, always looking for rare folk choirs to join wherever she travels. Sunlight, cats and woodshops are her spare time necessities.

silly, happy, curious.
yawn and stretch like a cat, then sleep for ten more minutes.
ready and excited!
oxygen, water, and breaks.
my parents.
Facebook, Google Drive, YouTube.
stretching, watching indie movies, singing folk music.
mid-morning when the sun is warm and bright.
it's never the same, and it teaches me something new every day.
beautiful souls.
a wild Bulgarian beach.
to fly!
my glasses, a notebook, a novel.
people don't stop to smell the roses every moment of every day.
move to the equator and nap on the beach all day.
It's like advertising -- but smarter and "on the computer".
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