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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing builds lasting community. Community building is the best long term value social can bring to brands.

Using quality content sharing and a conversational approach, we will grow and nurture an active community built around your brand on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

By constantly engaging your community through meaningful conversation and sharing of useful content, your social media followers will gain trust in your brand. These positive brand associations will lead some to buy from you, and it will lead even more to advocate your brand to others who will.

And although hard to measure precisely, advocacy is social media’s best marketing value. When your community advocates your brand on your behalf, you will enjoy a rising tide in visits, conversions and revenue from all other marketing channels.

Relationships with Influencers in your industry

Social media’s remarkable efficiency and convenience have enabled people to maintain a far greater number of relationships than what was ever possible before in the physical world.

Influential people — newly empowered by their ability to bypass traditional media publishing filters and speak directly with masses of followers -- can now scale their own relationships and influence exponentially. Influencers who mention your brand or share your content can amplify your message’s reach like a megaphone.

Our approach to social media marketing puts influencer relationship building first. Our Outreach Coordinators spend the majority of their time connecting with, promoting and building relationships with key social media influencers. These investments tend to pay off tenfold upon that influencer’s first retweet.

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Social Media Marketing Process


Prospecting involves discovering and targeting social media users who fall into one of two types:

  1. People who might buy from you in the future
  2. People who can influence others to buy from you in the future

Because of the mountain of data available on social media networks indicating people’s interests, affiliations and influence, prospecting demands loads of analytical research. We use several industry leading tools to make that analytical work more productive.

In fact, it would not be uncommon to stroll by the desk of one of our Outreach Coordinators and find her leaning into a screen displaying something like this:

Follow Metrics


We abide by the mantra: follow and get followed.

Armed with spreadsheets chock full of quality social prospect data dug up through research, we take a measured and strategic approach in following those prospects.

Every day, we follow. Some start following us and others stop. Our goal is always to achieve a steady positive net growth in social media audience.

Follow Metrics


Content Promotion

Sharing is a core value at Hop Online. We take it seriously.

We view thoughtful sharing on social media as a service to followers, rather than as an opportunity to broadcast our client’s message.

Most of what we share is not written by us, nor is it directly associated with our client’s brand. It’s a selection of carefully curated content. It represents the best and hottest from the industry, served up fresh for our audience daily.

And what’s more, when we share, we editorialize the share and tell our audience of followers why they should care.

Sharing done as a service rather than as an opportunity to promote is not the approach taken by most brands on social. It’s the harder, more selfless way. But that’s what followers really want when they follow you. That’s what will make them start checking your social posts every day. That’s what will turn your brand into the Influencer!

Listen & talk back

If all your social posts contain links, it probably indicates that you’re not actually listening.

Conversations build those prized relationships on social. They make your brand human. They put smiles on faces. Smiles that you will never actually see but will know they happened.

Conversations on social should accomplish one or all of a these things:

  1. they should add value and move the discussion forward
  2. they should strengthen a relationship
  3. they should entertain or evoke emotion
  4. they should never expect anything in return


The ask comes last, only after we have provided clear value to the person to whom we are asking to publish or promote our content.

We deliver most content pitches over email, after building a strong relationship with the blogger/influencer through social media. We customize each pitch for the specific audience and content of the website or blog we are pitching. Every pitch is based on context, too.

Here’s an example of a pitch email you might receive from one of our Outreach Coordinators, seeking content placement on your high authority blog:

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