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What is Included in the SEO Audit?

We will deliver to you and your marketing team:

  • A detailed SEO Audit (incl. Technical and Content audit, Keyword research, Mobile audit Competitor research, Link audit) explaining what are the issues with your website. We use advanced SEO tools to investigate your website performance.
  • An Action Plan (SEO checklist) listing the exact tasks required to fix each issue, prioritized according to degree of positive impact.

(SEO audit template and Action plan sample are available by contacting us).

SEO Audit Report

  • The Website Audit describes what problems we found and why those problems are hurting your website’s performance.
  • It serves as your key internal sales asset to convince others in your organization to support ongoing website improvement initiatives. It will justify your investment in the SEO Audit.
  • The SEO audit report looks beautiful in print and on screen. It’s written in plain English with screenshots and other helpful visual aids abound, helping non-techies easily grasp key issues. It’s easy to navigate and can be digested painlessly by managers across all departments.
  • Share it with key stakeholders in your company, and keep it as a reference guide - it will still be highly relevant for years to come and can greatly inform future site redesigns.

SEO Audit Action Plan

  • The accompanying spreadsheet — aka the “SEO action plan” — sets a documented workflow for fixing your site’s problems. It’s strict To-Do list that will hold everyone accountable for getting changes implemented quickly and properly.
  • The SEO action plan takes into account priority levels based on expected positive impact, as well as critical path dependencies for developers who are making the changes. If you do not have a developer available, our developers can step in and get the necessary tasks done quickly.

SEO Audit Benefits

The true benefit of our Website SEO Audit is Confidence.
  • Google rewards websites that it has confidence in with free traffic. Each visit to your site by search engine crawlers like Googlebot presents an opportunity to build this confidence. If your website forces Googlebot to waste resources and fill in gaps of uncertainty, Google loses confidence in your domain, and your rankings, search traffic and profits will drop like a stone. We find such issues with the Technical SEO audit and fix them.
  • And then there’s your confidence. Just as a builder gains confidence in knowing that a building's structural integrity is 100% sound for future years, you too will enjoy the same confidence that your website is tuned for optimal long-term performance.
  • This renewed confidence will set you free, letting you turn your creative energies towards other important online marketing initiatives that depend on a sound, optimized website for their ultimate success.

Cost-Effective SEO Audit

Hop Online SEO Audits are 100% cost-effective and have a fast return on investment (ROI). They typically pay for themselves within 3 months after implementation. From that point forward, the ROI grows as fast as your organic search traffic. It’s one of the best one-time marketing investments you’ll ever make.

Here’s what happened to one of our recent client’s organic search traffic after we implemented the SEO Audit:

The bottom line question that we want to help you answer is this —
How much more revenue will you earn each month after following the guidance of an SEO Audit?
Or, think of it this way...
What is the opportunity cost of NOT doing an SEO Audit now?

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SEO Audit Elements

Conducting a thorough SEO Audit is all about asking the right questions.

Our SEO Auditors put your website through rigorous technical and semantic stress tests.

Here’s an overview of the main components of an SEO Audit. These are flexible. You are free to choose only those components from the list below that are applicable to your unique challenges. However, for best results, we recommend a complete SEO Audit with all components:

Technical Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Often, problems with rankings and organic search visibility stem from structural and technical deficiencies with the website.

The technical SEO audit will help Google and other search engines crawl the website faster and more efficiently. It will improve the discovery and indexation of important pages. More pages included in Google’s index means more pages appearing in search results. These results will bring higher amounts of organic search traffic to your website over time.

To give you a sense of the thought process, here are some of the main questions our auditors ask in their technical review:

  • How often does Googlebot crawl the site, and how many pages does it crawl?
  • How can Googlebot’s crawl budget be spent more efficiently?
  • Does the server deliver acceptable uptime rates?
  • How many pages has Google indexed? How many of those indexed pages deliver actual organic search traffic?
  • Do the sitemaps include only those pages intended to rank in search results?
  • Are specific pages or sections of the site excluded from indexation via the Robots.txt file?
  • Is any content duplicated, either intentionally or by accident?
  • Is there a clear canonicalization method (i.e., designation of original content versions)?
  • Is the site structure logical and easy to navigate, both for a crawler and a human visitor?
  • Is the site blazing fast?

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Content Audit

Content Audit

The content audit analyzes a site’s content corpus, taking into consideration today’s demanding quality expectations from both Google and from site visitors.

It answers questions such as:

  • Is the content uniquely written, not duplicated?
  • Is there enough content on key pages to be competitive?
  • Is the content of high quality? What do bounce rates say about quality and the user’s experience?
  • Is the copy interesting, compelling and convincing in support of the entire website’s conversion goals?
  • Is the content of a particular page consistent with the site’s content as a whole?
  • Do key pages contain rich visual content such as high quality images, visual aids and video?
  • How is user-generated content, testimonials and other customer feedback incorporated?
  • How do top pages appear in search engine result pages (SERPs)? Do they include all possible rich snippets to improve visibility and clickability?
  • Do all pages deserve to rank #1 on Google for their target keyword phrase? If not, what is holding them back?

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Content Audit: Keyword Research

Keyword Research

As part of the Content Audit we discover the best keyword opportunities and map those keywords to each respective page. Our auditors ask these questions when conducting their keyword research:

  • What keyword phrases currently bring traffic to top pages? Are those in fact the same keywords that the page itself targets? Is there potential for better alignment here?
  • What are the top keyword opportunities -- both for existing pages and new, additional pages -- given keyword search volumes, relevancy and current rankings competitiveness?
  • How should each page’s target keyword phrase appear in the SERP snippet elements (title and meta description) and throughout other key places on the page?
  • What are the most profitable keywords in the niche, as evidenced by competitor’s ad campaigns?

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Mobile SEO Audit

Mobile searches already outnumber desktop searches worldwide. That is why having a mobile friendly website is a must. With the Mobile SEO Audit we check:

  • What portion of your users use Mobile devices to browse your site? What is mobile bounce rate?
  • Do you have a responsive website -- that is, does your website fit in well to the screen of the device the visitor uses to browse your site? Or do you have a separate mobile version of your site?
  • What is the loading speed of your site on mobile devices?
  • Do you have a mobile app and how does it perform?

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Link Audit

The link audit is designed to analyze all linking domains in your website’s link profile in order to determine which linking sites have either caused a Google Penguin penalty or put the site at risk. During this analysis, we ask the following:

  • Does the link profile contain a natural distribution of branded vs. non-branded anchor text?
  • Which keywords have been over-optimized as anchor-text links? On which sites are these links placed?
  • Which linking domains have little to no relevance to the subject matter of our client?
  • Which links were manually created by former SEO companies?
  • Which pages appear to be particularly at risk of ranking drops?
  • What other patterns of link manipulation might a search engine detect?
  • Finally, which links are toxic and need to be removed from the profile?

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Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Competitors can tell us a lot about what works best in a given industry. Our goal with competitor research is both to discover how to replicate top ranking competitors’ success in terms of link opportunities, top ranking content, social media and paid search strategies, but also to suggest how to zag when they zig.

Here are the questions we pose when conducting a competitor audit:

  • Who are the main competitors in search results?
  • Why are they outranking our client?
  • What are their top links? Are those links attainable?
  • What is their most linked-to content, i.e. top linkable assets? Can we create something similar, even better?
  • What level of activity and quality are competitors demonstrating on their blog and social media accounts?
  • What do competitors’ paid search strategies tell us about their overall strategies?
  • What can we do to neutralize all the advantages observed above?
  • Are there other opportunity gaps that competitors are missing? Can we fill those gaps?

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Ongoing SEO Monitoring

A lot of people are interested in gathering and interpreting their website data, that is why we offer monthly SEO monitoring as a service.

These are the standard features it includes and we can always add custom services based on your request:

  • Monthly KPI report and analysis on web traffic data from Google Analytics
  • Monthly KPI report and analysis on top landing pages from Google Analytics
  • Monthly KPI report for top keywords from Google Webmaster
  • Monthly KPI report for errors/issues found from Google Webmaster tools and suggestions how to fix them
  • Monthly monitoring on backlink profile

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