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In an increasingly challenging and competitive environment, it has never been more important for higher education institutions to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing needs of students throughout the world.

Prospective students are adept at acquiring information online through a variety of devices and digital media sources. To gain a competitive advantage, your university must be easily discovered and your value proposition clearly communicated.

Hop Online’s mission is straightforward — To find and attract high-quality students while drastically reducing your cost per enrolled student through the use of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and technologies.

Challenge — Competing for International Students

Qualified students all over the world have more information, mobility, and choice than ever before. Yet most international (non-US or European) students could name only a handful of universities in Europe and the United States.

Solution — International Student Recruitment

Our scalable, geo-targeted, English and multilingual digital marketing campaigns generate qualified applicants at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting channels.


  • Expand your university’s geographic reach and brand awareness
  • Exceed international student recruiting goals
  • Boost the performance of your agent and student fair channels
  • Slash average recruiting cost per international student
Take your international student recruiting digital

Challenge — Connecting with a Mobile-First Generation

Conversations with Gen Z’ers start on a mobile device. It’s the new gateway through which many students will discover your university. If you don’t catch students in their mobile micro moments, they could be gone for good. Connecting with a mobile-first generation requires a mobile-first digital strategy — one that provides an engaging experience in a mobile-friendly format.

Solution — Accelerated Mobile Landing Pages (AMP)

Expand your global reach and attract more applicants with Hop Online’s blazingly fast, mobile lead-capture pages for search and social media campaigns.


  • 4x improvement in page load times and far lower bounce rates
  • Increased engagement with integrated video
  • Streamlined mobile-first usability that focuses the user on a single task — converting
  • Higher visitor-to-lead conversion rates
  • Significantly lower cost-per-inquiry from prospective applicants
Test our Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Challenge — Converting interest to applicants and applicants to enrolled students

Nurturing interest from prospective students and converting them into applicants requires personalized messaging delivered at the right time, through a variety of channels and devices. Frequent touch points are needed to deliver and solidify your university’s unique value proposition. The resources required for highly-effective, personalized conversion campaigns may seem beyond the capacity of marketing and admissions teams.

Solution — Remarketing & Marketing Automation

We use bleeding-edge B2B digital marketing technologies including programmatic advertising, dynamic multi-channel remarketing, and targeted email automation to reinforce your key value messages, resulting in increased applicants and enrollments.


  • Create highly-targeted, recurring lead nurture campaigns in record time
  • Increase the number of high-value touchpoints with prospective students
  • Greatly improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget
  • Free up resources to focus more time on yield management
Start converting more applicants

Challenge — Improving your university’s online visibility

You know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but you are too busy planning and executing annual recruiting campaigns to work on the website. This can often be an opportunity lost because your website is working 24/7, 365 days of the year. When properly optimized for search engines, your website can become a highly effective member of your recruiting team.

Solution — SEO

We start with a very affordable SEO audit in which we identify areas of opportunity, gaps in content, and technical problems that need fixed.

If you like our work, we will implement a content-driven SEO strategy focused on attracting more site visits from prospective students and their parents. See ourcontent marketing services for a combined solution.


  • Get found for highly-relevant keyword search queries
  • Generate more inquiries from prospective students all year round
  • Lower your average cost per inquiry by generating more inquiries from organic search
  • Increase brand awareness in international markets with multilingual SEO
Improve your website visibility

Challenge — Turning your content-rich website into a marketing machine

Are you harnessing the collective power of your community’s digital content for full marketing and recruitment benefit — across multiple languages? University websites have massive amounts of content, sometimes in multiple languages, but yet most fail to properly utilize that content for marketing. Optimizing existing content, setting a strategy for future content development, and creating content journeys can lead to huge gains for student recruitment, alumni engagement, and corporate relations.

Solution — Content Marketing

We use persona-driven content strategies to identify unique informational needs. We compare those needs to the content that already exists on your website. Working across your university’s departments, we repurpose content to meet user needs and establish better navigation paths to access the information.


  • Provide a better user experience leading to increased site engagement
  • Improve results from search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Increase web traffic from international visitors
  • Boosts the performance of all other marketing efforts
Get more from your website content

Challenge — Tracking what works and where to focus resources

Reliable and insightful data underpins all successful marketing. However, it can difficult to make sense of the large amount of data produced by your website interactions and marketing campaigns. Setting up end-to-end recruiting lifecycle tracking mechanisms from the first interaction all the way through the recruitment journey to the point of enrollment is a necessary, yet daunting task.

Solution — Google’s 360 Analytics Suite

Our analysis and testing services are designed to enable universities to be nimble, iterate quickly on what’s working and eliminate wasted efforts. The result is a digital marketing strategy that’s constantly generating insights and pivoting toward greater success. Our analytics and testing experts work with the latest and greatest tools from Google’s 360 Analytics Suite including Tag Manager, Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Optimize.


  • Complete tracking of your student recruitment journey
  • Identification of the best conversion tactics
  • Ability to fine tune campaigns for peak performance
  • Enterprise class analytics software for free
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Challenge — Getting guaranteed results from your marketing spend

During your spring or summer planning sessions, you are most likely battling for additional marketing funds to support your recruitment efforts. The challenge is always in convincing those finance and admin personnel that your marketing spend has a direct correlation with performance. Guaranteed pay-per-lead or pay-per-applicant programs make that argument a lot easier to win.

Solution — Lead generation

Allow Hop Online to take all of the risk out of online marketing. We will deliver high quality leads from your target regions, domestic and international, at a set cost. No longer will you have to worry about the performance of Google and Facebook ad spends.


  • Guaranteed performance for your marketing spend
  • Huge time savings from not having to manage online campaigns
  • Set cost per lead or cost per applicant rates simplify planning and budgeting
  • Ability to increase or decrease applicant flow on the fly depending on need
Fill my recruitment funnel

Challenge — Improving your site user experience with Chatbots

When you have a large website catering to multiple needs, providing an excellent user experience is difficult. Surveys conducted on university website usability indicate that there is significant room for improvement in this area. For prospective students, acquiring information via chatbots can be more a lot more efficient than navigating links or using internal site search — and certainly a lot more fun for the user if implemented well.

Solution — Hop Online Chatbots

Let us build a friendly, fun chatbot for your University website that will automatically find and deliver fast, accurate and natural answers to students seeking critical information in their research phase.


  • Improved user engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand value (the “coolness” factor)
  • Deeper insights into user behavior
  • Identification of website usability and navigation issues
Build your University’s first chatbot

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Read our blog for more information and case studies on Content Marketing, SEO Audits, and Google Penalty Recovery.

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