Digital Marketing for Startups
Digital Marketing for Start up companies

Starting up a new business is one of the most challenging and inspiring jobs in the world. Having a great idea, having fellow team players to work with, having investors and mentors to support you are essential for the success of your business. Startups need to invest the greater portion of their resources into product development. And it is always great to have experts to help you with the marketing and promotion of your new product.

Hop Online has experience in helping startups land off. We have worked with financial, travel, non-profit, and software companies soon after they have launched their product/service. That is why we know what startups need.

Here is a set of services which may come in handy for your launching business:

SEO Audit

With the technical SEO audit of your site we check:

  • website speed and crawlability
  • site architecture
  • internal linking
  • meta information
  • other technical details that may hinder search engine bots from indexing your site

cost effective SEO audit

The SEO audit is the foundation of your website - you need to have it stable in order to build your website on top of it knowing it will support your future online marketing efforts.

Content Audit

With the Content Audit we analyze your site’s content corpus, taking into consideration today’s demanding quality expectations from both Google and from site visitors. The Content Audit includes Keyword research where the goal is to find niche keywords for every industry and by niche we mean keywords with decent search volume amount and relatively low competition levels. This will allow you to target these keywords with your content marketing campaigns and start gaining organic traffic within 3 to 6 months. A strategy where you try to target mainstream keywords leads to wasted efforts and no results within a reasonable time frame.

Competitors Research

By researching your competitors we get ideas on:

  • which keywords to target
  • what content to write
  • which links to go after
  • ideas for managing social media accounts

Website Statistics

In order to know what people do on your website, you need to have web statistics. Here we can help you with:

  • Google Analytics tracking setup
  • Google Analytics Conversion tracking setup
  • Google Analytics E-commerce tracking setup
  • User behavior tracking setup with HotJar.com

Buyer Persona

Knowing your buyers is a key point in every digital marketing strategy. The better you know who you target, the more precisely you will be able to meet their needs.

Buyer Persona Identifying your buyers and coming up with suggestions for new target groups is where we can help.

Content Strategy

Ranking high in Google equals having great content on your site. By having detailed ideas who your buyers are and how they search for your products on the web (the keyword research) will help us create a winning content strategy for your brand. Great content starts bringing in traffic within 3 to 6 months and pays off big after the 12th month. Trust us, we’ve seen this!

Here’s the non-paid search traffic growth of a client of ours in the healthcare sector, where we have published over 60 unique blog posts (and growing) over the past 15 months.

SEO for Higher Education

Blog Setup

WordPress is the most popular content management platform and is widely used for creation of company blogs or content resource hubs. We offer the WordPress platform to our Content Marketing users and can help you install and optimize it for the Search Engines.

Social Media Management

Social media presence is now a must for every online business.

  • We can help you with setting up your accounts and managing them on a daily basis.
  • We will find great posts to share with your audience.
  • We will connect with influencers in your industry and work on building long-term relations with them.

Paid Ads Setup

Paid advertising in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads can help you a lot with:

  • getting early visitors to your site;
  • testing your Startup idea and marketing message;
  • Finding the right keywords to target with your content (currently only paid ads show you the keywords that convert).

If you can afford the budget, we can help you setup your fist Google or Facebook ad campaigns and manage them on an ongoing basis.

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Read our blog for more information and case studies on Content Marketing, SEO Audits, and Google Penalty Recovery.

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Thank you for getting in touch with us. We'll respond as soon as possible.

Read our blog for more information and case studies on Content Marketing, SEO Audits, and Google Penalty Recovery.

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