Conversion Rate Optimization

What You'll Get

Higher conversion rate of your website

CRO is one of the most crucial steps in any online marketing campaign. This is a one-time, highly detailed and thorough review of a website's usability and its user experience issues. We examine the issues, devise and implement an experimentation strategy and identify winner variants. The goal of the project is to determine the best layout/content types to implement on a specific set of landing pages to deliver information to the users in the most clear and straightforward fashion and to maximize measurable conversions on those pages.

What We Do

Our CRO service includes the following:

Detailed Strategy & Conversion Goals setting

  • Define your long-term goals
    • Application forms completed
    • Leads generated
    • Sales circle completed
  • Find out which parts of your business are underperforming and why
    • Set Google Analytics custom dashboards and reports
    • Set visitor behaviour tracking tool and investigate visitors behavior (especially the non-converting ones)
  • Decide how you'll measure success
    • Set main conversion goal in Google Analytics
    • Set assisting conversion goals, e.g. spent time on page that indicates higher level of engagement
Page Optimizing

Get Started with CRO

Competitor CRO research

  • Identify good CRO practices used by competitors
  • Suggest improvements based on the above

In-depth analysis of user behaviour

  • Click heatmaps
  • Overall user engagement
  • Lead generation form / Check-out process analysis
  • Summary aiming to identify reasons why users aren't converting

Existing traffic sources improvement

We need to analyze your business's funnels, search for blockages and underperforming pages. We will identify these existing highways by visualizing them as a funnel:

  • Funnel visualization of the conversion path
  • Listing underperforming parts of the examined pages
  • Analysis of existing traffic sources
Conerstion Rate

Persuasive assets - CTAs and persuasive copy

  • List current elements that can be used as persuasive elements
  • Suggest creation of such elements

Set experimental strategy - A/B split or multivariate testing

Based on the data gathered in the steps above, we will develop a customized strategy and perform experiments. We will build hypotheses about possible problems, focusing on the following factors:

  • Value Propositions
  • Page Relevance
  • Page Clarity
  • Elements creating anxiety and distractions

Then we'll list the current elements to be tested - landing pages, CTA buttons, banners and calculate the time needed to perform the experiments.

Run experiments

In this stage, we execute the experimental strategy based on our hypotheses. Each hypothesis is tested on its own page variant against the control (e.g. A/B split testing) using tools like Optimizely, HotJar and some in-house solutions. We test changes to design, usability and copy, including things like:

  • Calls-to-action button placement, text, color & design
  • Headline and body text
  • Images and video placement relative to other content
  • Persuasive assets placement

We will conduct each experiment until we reach a statistically significant conclusion in support of or against our hypothesis.

Identify winner variants and implement them

After all the experiments have been run, we will identify the winning variant and implement it on the website. We'll provide you with detailed reporting and analysis of the data gathered during these experiments.

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