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Why Content Marketing?

Because It is the Only Way to Drive in Organic Traffic to Your Site

You need more traffic to your website and don’t want to pay for every click? A long-term Content Marketing strategy, targeted to the right audience and focused on niche keywords is the answer.

Here’s the non-paid search traffic growth of a client of ours in the healthcare sector, where we have published over 60 unique blog posts (and growing) over the past 15 months.

Content Marketing strategy

Do you want to see such growth in your traffic as well?

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Why Content Marketing Works?

  • Valuable Content: To show your site high in the search results Google wants you to have high quality content that solve problems and is useful to readers.
  • Help Users: This might be an e-book, how-to tutorial, video or audio podcast, research-driven article, fun infographic or anything else that help the users.
  • Increase Website Authority: What’s more, as you write great content, the number of your website pages grows and your site becomes more authoritative, making it progressively easier to rank newly-published articles on Google’s front pages.

Target the Right Audience: the Key to Successful Content Strategy

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. This is especially true online. Original, quality content can attract the right audience, and if it’s good enough to be shared by those readers, even more readers will come.

Buyer Cycle and Persona Analysis

The right content marketing strategy will attract visitors to your site at different stages of their buying cycle:

  • Some may be learning about your services
  • Others may compare yours to competitor's products
  • Or choosing which of your packages to sign up for

Content marketing is designed to bring in organic search traffic and build an audience for your brand across social media. This audience is a long-term asset that you own. And as long as you continue feeding great content to your audience, they will grow, remain loyal, and even advocate your brand on your behalf.

Thought Leadership: Content for Brand Building

Industry authority is often derived from expert content. By curating and creating the highest level of content quality in your industry, you naturally position your brand as the leader in your industry, and build thought leadership and trust among your industry.

Competitive Advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage - that is what every company that’s trying to build a brand for the long term craves.

Content marketing – executed consistently and within a well-planned strategy – builds sustainable competitive advantage better than any form of marketing. Online or offline. Period.

Isn’t it time to pull past your competitors and put them in the rearview mirror for good?

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Content Strategy and Content Creation Done Right

Our content marketing program delivers three essential ingredients to your company’s marketing department:

  1. An agile content strategy based on keyword and competitor research to come up with niche keywords that drive in traffic.
  2. A steady flow of authoritative website content for publishing on your website or branded blog and on other authoritative industry blogs as guest posts.
  3. Premium content such as infographics, in-depth guides and video.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy and Web Content Writing

Successful content marketing begins with a great strategy. Our Content Strategists will build your 6-12 month content strategy by developing and clarifying the following information:

  1. Clearly defined buyer personas who characterize your target customers
  2. Your company’s unique selling propositions (USPs)
  3. The unique dynamics of your industry
  4. Your competitions’ activities, implied strategies, successes and missed opportunities
  5. Specific keyword opportunities with high search demand and low competition

Our content strategies are comprehensive yet flexible. We plan content types and topics that cover the entire persona grid (see picture below), addressing each unique buyer persona within each stage of the buying process (aka the “conversion funnel”): awareness, consideration and conversion.

And we are never completely married to the strategy we create. As soon as new data and audience feedback validates the success (or failure) of any part of the strategy, the strategy can adapt quickly in order to take advantage of this learning.

Content strategy can be offered as a stand alone service, to be handed off to your content marketing team, or it can serve as the first phase of an ongoing content marketing engagement.

Content Curation

Content Strategy

One of the most important concepts in content marketing is the interplay between created and curated content. The ratio should always tilt towards curation.

Content curation is a daily ongoing process that begins with scouring all new content in your industry in order to cherry-pick the new best articles. Once we identify the best selection of content, we will re-share it through your blog and social media channels with unique annotations that explain its relevance for your audience.

Content curation complements the creation of original content. Curation is a valuable service for your followers — especially in high content industries. It saves them precious content discovery time. Also, relevant annotations — which adds value beyond simply re-sharing content — will position your brand as an industry thought leader.

Premium Content Creation

Premium Web Content Creation

To get your Content Strategy started, you need great, high-quality, shareable piece of content, targeted to your key buyer personas. Our web content and creative teams deliver premium content assets that will punctuate your web marketing strategy with industry-defining content.

Here are some of the premium content types that we are capable of delivering to your project:

  • Authoritative guides and whitepapers
  • E-books
  • Product and concept videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Infographics
  • Interactive content such as widgets, calculators and lead-generation tools

If you’d like to see some samples of our premium content, please get in touch.

Blog Content Creation


Creating awesome blog content is what we do best. Our team of fully-fluent English writers can tell your brand story with empathy and persuasiveness. We can match or create your brand voice online.

Our content creation process looks a lot like that of a newspaper or magazine publisher. Once topics are approved by you (if the content is slated for publishing on your blog) or an external blogger or webmaster (if the content is going to be published on an external site or blog), the content begins with draft stage. The content writer assigned to the project conducts deep research and produces a first draft piece of content and submits it for editorial review.

Our in-house editorial team then reviews content to assure the following elements are in place, according to best-practices for writing for the web and our own internal style guide:

  • Is the headline catchy and shareable?
  • Is the leading image something that will pop and catch the eye of someone scrolling down their social media news feed?
  • Does the piece target a clearly-defined customer persona?
  • Does it address a particular pain point of that persona?
  • Are we addressing the reader according to how far or close they are to a purchase decision -- aka their conversion funnel stage?
  • Is there a clear call-to-action urging the reader to take a next step?
  • Does the article contain strategic internal links to other posts and related website pages?
  • Does the article contain external links that support key arguments and reference hard statistics and research?
  • Does the article include the specific target keywords in a natural way? Can we reasonably expect to rank for those keywords?
  • Is the grammar impeccable?
  • Is the overall style conducive for the web, containing short sentences and paragraphs, visual breaks, whitespace and bulleted lists? Can a reader skim it?
  • Does the piece have authority? Is it based on deep, thorough research on the topic? Would a reader believe it was written by an expert?
  • Are the key elements of the search engine result page (SERP) snippet in place -- unique page title, meta description and Google+ authorship?

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