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Why Aren’t You Using Video Marketing Yet?


I can’t remember the last time the results of a quick marketing experiment really shocked me. But recently, that’s precisely what happened. A colleague tried throwing together some video tweets and doing paid promotion for them on twitter. Without much effort we had gotten a $0.01 cost per click and a 7.28% response rate. That blew what we were getting through hours of work on Facebook out of the water.

What was going on? In short, video. In case you hadn’t noticed yet, video is taking over the internet. Literally, Syndacast estimates that 74% of all internet traffic will be video. Not by 2020, but next year. Essentially, if your marketing isn’t using video, you’re losing out on the biggest shift in internet behavior since mobile.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

That data should have piqued your interest, but besides a few flashy statistics, why should you invest in video marketing? Here are a few of the core reasons to start paying attention.


Sure, it’s possible for an article or an image to go viral. But try to think of a recent example? Can you? Okay, now try to think of a viral video. It’s easy. The internet has shown us for years that videos are far more likely to go viral than other type of content. So even if your video doesn’t go viral per se, it’s still more likely to get shared and seen than just about anything else out there.

SEO Benefits

Algorithms like Google’s love rich content like videos (just make sure those videos are properly tagged). This is evidenced by the fact that basic Google searches now often come up with videos at the top of the results. Google owns Youtube and wants its users to find great content there.

All of that means that creating a great video on a topic is an excellent way to quickly move to the top of search results for a particular keyword faster than you could with a page. If you’ve got something to explain, just try creating a great video about it instead of writing an article.

Higher Conversation Rates

A well made video can make what looks like a solid conversion rate for a typical landing page look like nothing. One case study from Unbounce found a 100% conversion rate increase after adding a video to a landing page. Why do videos have this effect then? For one, they’re humanizing. 58% of people find a company more trustworthy when they’ve produced videos.

This makes video content marketing particularly useful for new companies trying to establish their brands and build customer awareness. Instead of proving to a customer that your company and product are trustworthy over the course of a variety of articles and interactions, you can get as much done in a single well-made video.

The Difference of Video Content

In other words, a video can do many things at once: boost your conversion rate, build brand loyalty, trust, and awareness, boost your SEO, and potentially go viral. Those apply for videos used in a wide variety of applications, but there are lesser known benefits for specific social media platforms worth exploring as well.

Social Media’s Dirty Secret

In part, shifting to a video marketing strategy means giving into what social media platforms want. What’s that? It’s simple, they want you to stay on their platform. Okay, so companies like Facebook claim that they favor video ads because they want higher quality ads in general. Personally, I think that’s true, but that’s not the whole story.

Because a video ad makes it much less likely that you’re going to click out of Facebook (or twitter for that matter). You’ll probably just watch the video right there in Facebook, meaning you stay and keep consuming content and seeing ads. Whatever you think about that business strategy, it means you’ll get preferential treatment when you use videos to advertise in Facebook.

Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

All of this adds up to one thing: video is undoubtedly going to be at the core of content marketing going forward. So, like with all new online marketing trends, there are real benefits to being at the forefront. Remember when I mentioned that making a great video is a relatively quick way to get to the top of some search results? That likely won’t be the case once everyone is doing it. So now’s the time to start!

Want to try creating a viral video campaign? Check out our next article in this series about video marketing to learn how.

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Dimitar Raykov

Dimitar is a graduate of the University of National and World Economy and Sofia University in the field of Political Science and International Relations. Besides being SEO expert for Hop he likes to write on music, culture and social justice movements.


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