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Webit’s SEOmoz Masterclass Puts Bulgaria on the SEO Map

(above photo taken by Mladen Borisov)

Bulgarian SEOs and web marketing enthusiasts enjoyed the country’s most significant SEO event to date last Friday… the SEOmoz Masterclass.

Bulgaria is home to several SEO black belts (not to be confused w/ blackhats), and those in attendance wanted nothing less than Rand Fishkin’s advanced stuff. I’d say, based on his 166-slide presentation (below)–this was nearly as advanced as it gets.

In the nearly non-stop 3-hour session, Rand covered the latest research and best practices around these topics, each of which could have easily been full sessions unto themselves:

  1. Updated rankings correlation data – debunking on-page SEO myths
  2. Google Instant — death of SEO & long-tail? C’mon.
  3. Best practices for site info architecture & usability
  4. Dealing efficiently with duplicate content, on your site and around the web (always a fun SEO topic worth revisiting frequently)
  5. Challenges with indexation of pages
  6. How to adapt your link-building strategy to Twitter’s cannibalization of the link graph
  7. Making Google Analytics actionable
  8. Some crazy semantic modeling that still has my head spinning

I recently did this post over at YOUmoz blog, which goes into much more detail on all of the above topics. There, I list the top 37 takeaways from the presentation.

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12 thoughts on “Webit’s SEOmoz Masterclass Puts Bulgaria on the SEO Map

  1. Nice article, Paris. And it really does put Bulgaria on the World’s SEO map.

    One little note I would like to add is that Mladen Borisov, the official photographer of Webit took the photo that you shared above. Please credit it accordingly. Thanks!

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