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Online Marketing for Law Firms — We’ve Been Featured by The Expert Institute

Online Marketing for Law firms - The Expert Institute advicesWe’ve been featured in the latest @TheExpertInst blog post,  10 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online! Joseph O’Neill has compiled a ton of useful expert advice including our thoughts on NAP (name, address,  and phone) and Local SEO.

Here is The Expert Institute’s  full list of online marketing recommendations for law firms:

  1. Capitalize on Personal Brands
  2. Think Locally
  3. Google Paid Search
  4. Use Video to Your Advantage
  5. Develop High-Quality Content
  6. Promote Your Content
  7. Find a Niche (and Stick to It)
  8. Have Visitors Take Action
  9. Manage Your Reviews
  10. Know What You Are Doing (Learn to Speak Nerd)

Based on our experience with online marketing for law firms, we know all of these strategies work wonders.

This list is like a gold-mine of knowledge which will help any law firm expand its online exposure to gain “a healthy pipeline of leads and customer prospects,” in Joe’s words. And these leads and prospect lie at the heart of your business, so they’re clearly worth the effort.

marketing for law firms

But what’s the best way your law firm should start to tackle this list? We recommend investing the biggest portion of your resources to the following for immediate ROI which will help you build up momentum:

  • Boosting Local SEO — Consistent NAP (name, address and phone), multiple citations, and a strategy for gaining user reviews will all have a positive impact on local rankings and will bring in organic traffic.
  • Fixing On-Site Issues — Supporting a mobile version of your website (i.e., having responsive design) is now a must. Fixing UX issues, like optimizing a prominent call-to-action button and improving your meta data, always shows good results.

Once these two basics are done, you should get started on the rest of the items in The Expert Institute’s list.

We wish your law firm online success! And many thanks to Joseph O’Neill and The Expert Institute for coming up with this useful guide.



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