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Online Marketing as a Love Relationship

Some take the love story of St. Valentine seriously, other see it as yet another marketing trap. Whatever it is, it is great that we take a moment to celebrate love and our loved ones.

What does this have to do with the online marketing? When it comes to relationships, we tend to use all the best tools available in order to attract the attention of the person we are in love with. Just like in a love relationship, building online bond with your customers requires going through several stages where you apply various tools in order to gradually build a long lasting connection. In order to be successful, you’ll also need to gain approval not only of your beloved one, but of their family, friends and other people important to them.

And just like love does not have an exact recipe, the tools described below are not necessarily used in a particular order; some of them need to be employed before the others, but generally you can mix and match depending on your goals. Just remember not to use all of them at once in order not to drive your object of affection away, rather find a combination that works right and apply it.

Attracting attention (or creation of digital assets)
You simply can’t stop thinking about your object of affection and are dying to see them every second. So you arrange that you ‘accidentally’ bump into each other at a corner coffee shop, go to the same party, movie theatre, morning jog, etc. The same works in the online marketing in order to gain attention of your target customers. You make sure you are almost omnipresent so that your desired customers run into you at every opportunity.

To set the scene use your website, Google places, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Quora and other social media sites that is relevant for your business and your customers. When it comes to love, often times we simply dive in without thinking much of the future. In building your long lasting bond with a customer, it is worth taking time to analyse your message and how you want to communicate it in order to build a consistent image of your company. Make your message an interesting one in order to get noticed among all the others that are fighting for the attention of your object of affection.

Courting (or link building and promotion trough social media)
You’ve reached the time when your object of desire is responding to your signs of attention. If you managed to present yourself in an enticing way, they will want to learn more about you, and will turn to their network of friends and other sources of influence to find out what they think of you.

If you did a good job in the “Attracting attention” phase, there should be a wealth of positive vibe about you that can be cross-referenced through various social networks, blogs and forums. This is not enough however, as you need to choose carefully the so-called influencers, whose references are credible and meaningful for your customers.

When reaching out to your customers and influencers who will put in a good word for you through social media channels, keep their attention with fresh and witty conversation, but also keep in mind relevance and permission. What you want to avoid is coming across as obtrusive and invasive, so choose the tools that work for you, present yourself in the best light and maintain a relevant and interesting communication with your audiences.

Competition (or analytics and online advertising)
The euphoric stage of roses and chocolates inevitably passes, dust settles and your beloved starts noticing others. Competition works hard on stealing attention away from you and providing great sounding offers.

At this stage you will want to use analytical tools, such as SEOmoz pro or Google Analytics, to carefully analyse where in the relationship you are, where you want to take it and how to achieve your goals. You carefully review competitive offers, plan and adjust your strategy.

To reassure that you are still the best choice you might also consider online advertising using Google AdWords or targeted campaigns through social media sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

All of the tools described here are within anyone’s reach. Use your creativity and imagination in order to resonate well with your customers through everything you do and say and build a fan base of loyal Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Hop Online Team

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Anastasia Alpaticova

Anastasia is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience spanning telecommunications, media & publishing, wine making, NGOs and executive search. Born in Ukraine and raised in Moldova, she has extensively traveled across Europe, North America and Africa. Anastasia is now living in Sofia, Bulgaria for her love of the Rila lakes, delicious food and passionate Balkan spirit. At Hop Online she makes sure the company runs like a well-oiled machine and brings chocolates from wherever she travels.


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