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Law Marketing: Monthly Roundup May 2015

law marketingLaw has always had its strict rules and policies. The same applies to its marketing branch. But these days, lawyers find it increasingly difficult to stay competitive without reaching out to law marketing. The thing is that more and more lawyers are becoming early technology adopters as more and more law practices are being done online.

Right now, there’s so much going on in the field of law marketing that it’s difficult to keep up. Here’s what we loved reading these past few months to get you caught up.

The Law of Things

Nowadays marketing plays an integral part of business. To master it is to be always one step ahead of the competition. There are various ways for law firms to get an advantage using the latest tools and practices. If you’re looking for a way to attract more customers using marketing, then you should read the following articles.

Learn How to Turn Your Website into a Marketing Machine in 25 Minutes

Cindy Greenway of LawMarketing.com shows us how in under 30 mins you can boost your marketing agenda using simply your website. Many lawyers don’t understand the value of marketing. But there are clearly benefits of using marketing for acquiring new customers. From review sites to blogging to mobile, there’s a lot lawyers can do to attract more customers to their website. Here’s a checklist of all the things a law firm should do to stay competitive online.

7 Ways for Attorneys to Increase Conversions

Chris Dreyer, founder of Rankings.io (formerly known as Attorney Rankings), shares his knowledge on how to increase conversion on your law firm website using some rather unorthodox tactics. From acquiring testimonials to revamping your website, there’s a lot of factors that can either drive more traffic and conversions to your website or sink it down.

How to Select a Domain Name for Your Law Firm

Picking a domain for your website might not be a big deal for most, but as Andrew Cabasso points out, it can be a real deal-breaker when it comes to search engine rankings. Read his tips, and choose wisely.

Law Blogging – When Other Lawyers Are Your Target Audience

Blogging in general is a great way of getting customers, backlinks, and increasing traffic. Many times it was pointed out that writing is a fantastic opportunity for lawyers to target and acquire new clients. But Anthony Lansing argues that blogging shouldn’t be done specifically for clients. In some cases it’s better to write about fellow colleagues, and provide them will helpful insights and resources.

Law Firms Websites At Risk From Google’s Mobile-Friendliness Update

Mobilegeddon. The name sounds scary. It’s the new Google updated geared towards more mobile-friendly website. Tim Sheed tells us why lawyers should pay attention, as this will hugely affect their rankings and CTR.

Can Lawyers Buy Keyword Ads On Each Others’ Names At Google?

Eric Goldman wrote an interesting article on competitive keyword advertising, and its ethical side when applied in everyday law practices.

Law and Tech

Now more than ever, we rely on technology when doing business. This couldn’t be more true for lawyers who employ the latest in their everyday practices. However we should use it with caution.

The Cloud’s Threatening Legal Storm

Cloud agreements may be a great way of doing business, but as Peter Vogel writes, they are financially risky to say the least. Read the article to learn what to consider when signing cloud agreements with clients.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Legal Podcasts

We already covered the benefits of blogging for your law firm website. But Bob Ambrogi says there’s other ways to engage with your fellow colleagues and clients. One of these is podcasts – long rumored dead, there are a handful of good law podcasts that show that they can be a great source of information.

The Cloud Has Landed: 10 Legal Tech Innovations and What They Mean

We just couldn’t ignore this very thorough piece from Bob Ambrogi on the legal tech trends for 2015. Really worth reading as it talks about cloud, mobile, social media and much more.

How A Business Lawyer Uses Document Automation In His Practice

A really insightful article from Nicole Black on how document automation can improve the work of lawyers, and why more people should pay attention to it.

Five Inexcusable Law Firm Website Design Mistakes

Dion Algeri sums up what mistakes you shouldn’t do in terms of website design. The comments below the article are also valuable for what not to do.

Final Words

Law marketing tends to follow the letter of the law. But as lawyers often find out, sometimes you have to be ready to go beyond the books and the established.

These days, lawyers learn how to do a myriad of things that go outside of their academic and professional expertise. From optimizing websites, to going mobile-friendly to polishing their blogging skills. There’s isn’t anything that a lawyer can’t do. Since technology changes by the minute, lawyers too need to change in order to stay competitive.

We’d love to know, which article grabbed your attention? You can leave us a comment below.

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