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How to Use Rainy Weather to Create a Successful PR Campaign


Our digital PR strategist, Valentin Valov, got featured in a live TV interview today, and all because of the rain!

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Sofia during the last four months. People don’t remember there ever being such a rainy summer on these geographical latitudes. The rain (mind you, not of Castamere) has become not just a cornucopia for umbrella sellers, but also the source of many discussions and jokes, including those in our office. Our colleague Valentin became the hero of the day, when bTV (a popular Bulgarian TV channel) called to say that they are coming to interview him here. Here’s the story.

Valentin is in avid bike-rider, pedaling his way to work everyday. While checking bTV’s weather site dalivali.bg (in translation “doesitrain.bg”), he came up with the idea to buy the domain koga-shte-spre.bg (in translation “when-will-it-stop.bg”). The new domain was redirected to dalivali.bg. This funny and clever action immediately got the attention of one of bTV’s reporting crews and that’s why they popped into our office today to shoot an interview with Val the Inventor. You can watch the interview on the bTV website.

The moral of the story? When strange forces outside of your control strike down, you might get some surprising responses from your customer base. Instead of ignoring them, promote these clever gems and you’ll suddenly find yourself with a free PR campaign!

Congrats to Val, and let’s hope that the rainy days yield to some sun before the summer’s gone completely.

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Ina Karadzhova

Creative Director at Hop Online
Known for her 6th sense, Ina is a brand visionary who puts the "art" in "startup.” Besides UX and design, her expertise also includes content marketing and SEO for long-term brand-building strategies. In her spare time she paints and does astrology readings for friends.


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