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Hop Online Makes List of Top Content Marketing Agencies

Hop Online is among the Top Content Marketing Agencies for 2015
A big thanks to Clutch for recognizing us as one of the top Content Marketing agencies! Hop Online was included in the list after passing through an algorithm of factors that included agency experience, client reviews,  market presence and a proven track record of successful content projects for small-to-medium businesses and global brands. Read Clutch’s full press release here.

We’ve been in the content marketing game since the very beginning. Our company was built around this concept when it was still just gaining track as a budding trend back in 2009. And we’re proud to say we’ve risen to a leadership position in the industry. It’s taken a lot of learning-on-the-go and smart advice & feedback from our team, clients and partners to get us here. We’ve found it’s best to learn by doing, and the most important thing is to never stop moving.

To everyone who’s helped us along the way, thank your for being part of our journey. We’re looking forward to reaching new horizons together.

And thanks to our clients for their terrific reviews:

“[Hop Online offers] very competitive prices, and the quality does not lack.”

“From inception to today, they’ve increased organic traffic by about 1,500 percent in two years, and leads have increased somewhere between 1,200 percent and 1,500 percent.”

“They’re very thorough, and I just trust what they do.” 

“We’ve been able to scale back some of our traditional marketing because we’re getting so much just through the content marketing campaign and the social media marketing.”

More about Clutch: “Clutch is a Washington, DC-based research firm that identifies top services firms that deliver results for their clients. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services. Clutch utilizes a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, which maps firms’ focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations. To date, Clutch has researched and reviewed 500+ companies spanning 50+ markets.”

Check out Hop Online’s profile for more about our work and for some detailed reviews by our clients.

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Ina Karadzhova

Creative Director at Hop Online
Known for her 6th sense, Ina is a brand visionary who puts the "art" in "startup.” Besides UX and design, her expertise also includes content marketing and SEO for long-term brand-building strategies. In her spare time she paints and does astrology readings for friends.


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