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Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You: A Guide to Life, Love, and Guest Blogging

Happy Valentine's Day!
It’s complex. It’s mysterious. Its death has been loudly proclaimed many times over. Am I talking about love? Yes! Love… and guest blogging.

So whether you’re new to guest blogging or a seasoned professional, there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to explore the mysterious depths of the ancient art of courtship.

Guest blogging takes a lot of hard work, patience, and commitment. Just like with love, it’s a game of givers and takers — though in this case, you’ve got to be the giver.

That isn’t simple, so check out our newest creation — Hop Online’s Guide to Life, Love, and Guest Blogging — to train in the art of guest blogging, 2015 style. Get a taste of the new face of guest blogging below.

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Guest Blogging: The Return of the Deserted Lover

Following the implementation of Google’s January Panda algorithmic update last year, Matt Cutts famously wrote:

“If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”

The update was meant to stop sites with poor quality content from ranking well in Google search results. But unfortunately, many misunderstood this and prematurely proclaimed the death of guest blogging. Guest blogging’s bad reputation is actually one of today’s top SEO myths, Forbes confirms.

What Cutts was actually saying was not that guest blogging should cease to exist, but rather, that the old practice of posting on dozens of spammy, low DA (Domain Authority) sites will be penalized, and that having your article posted on a single highly-ranked site will be far more beneficial.

Why? First, because you’ll get much more link juice from that site. This will help your own site rank better in Google search results. Second, you’ll reach a wider audience, which will increase your traffic. Guest blogging today should be all about building quality relationships with reputable guest blogs, and this takes more effort and a new strategy.

Far from being dead, guest blogging simply grew up, and moved from its college years when it was all about quantity (excessive spamming) to its wiser twenties where quality is the mantra. Along the way it picked up a few tricks.

Old Dog? It’s Time for New Tricks

Teach old dogs new trick

Growing old and wise takes a lot of hard work and accepting new lessons. In our ebook, I explain in-depth what those lessons are and how you can start applying them right away!

Here’s the short’n’sweet version to whet your appetite:

Guest Blogging 101: Be a Good Flirt, But Have Something Serious in Mind

Yes, you can do a one time post simply to get a backlink. But then you’ll have to start all over again with another blog. Guest blogging works best when it’s like a serious commitment with hopeful chances of marriage.

Getting Started in the ‘Dating Game’ of Guest Blogging

Every great pitch starts with thorough research. Blind dates aren’t an option. You need to learn how to find your perfect love interest through Google Search, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Image Searches, and out-of-the-box opportunities such as AllTop.com.

Getting to Know Your New Love Interest

Now that you know how to find the sites/blogs you want to pitch to, the next step is learning how to analyze these potential collaborators. Your ideal love will not be tall, dark, and handsome. Instead, look for high DA and PA rankings, good levels of organic traffic, and a willingness to embrace what you offer.

Making Your Move: Email for the Win

Once you have your target in sight, it’s time to get proactive. Learn how to craft the perfect subject (pickup) line, sculpt your (email) body, call back, and ultimately, tell them how you feel. If you have to deal with rejection, which you no doubt will, I’ll teach you how to handle it in an adult-like way, and even spin it in your favor.

From Dating to a Relationship, Guest Blogging Style

Just like with marriage, results in guest blogging come with determination. Don’t assume that if you get one article posted this month and then pitch another one three months later, the site’s owner will still remember you. The key to a successful long-term romance lies in commitment and consistency.

Mastering Guest Blogging in 2015

Let’s face it, guest blogging has always had a bit of a bad reputation. But is it finally crossing over to the good side?

Find the answer (and detailed guest blogging strategies), by reading our awesomely funny, yet educational ebook, Hop Online’s Guide to Life, Love, and Guest Blogging!

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Hop Online!



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Christian Antonoff

Outreach Coordinator at Hop Online
Christian is an Outreach Coordinator and Guest Blogging expert at Hop Online. He has a Bachelor's degree in History, has worked as a journalist, and is passionate about music. In his spare time he loves to attend concerts.


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