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Higher Education Marketing: Best Online Articles of May 2015

Higher Education Roundup: Best Online Articles of May 2015

Higher Education Marketing is constantly evolving and transforming. Every day, marketers discover new ways of attracting, engaging and retaining potential prospects. New technological developments also add to the significant change the industry has seen in recent years.

We know that what worked today may not work tomorrow, and thus we strive to optimize our methodology, and understanding of this dynamic environment that is Higher Education.

Whether we’re introduced to new ways of attracting and engaging with students or we learn how to use new technologies to revolutionize the education process, the industry is constantly changing. Here are the most recent changes, to help all educators and university marketing teams stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

Education + Digital Marketing

Digital tools transform the way we recruit, engage and retains students — there’s no doubt about that. Check out these posts to brush up on your digital presentation…

3 Sections of Your School’s Website That Should TELL but Never Sell

Wondering how to attract new students using your website? Suzannah Brittan suggests that you tell them your story. That way you attract and keep them engaged.

Mobilegeddon-Proof Your Website: 5 Tips for Education Marketers

On the 21st of April, Google released their Mobilegeddon updated designed to penalize all non-friendly mobile website. Philippe Taza does a great job explaining what the update is all about, how the algorithm change will affect educational institutions, and how can higher ed marketers can take advantage of this situation.

19 Tips to Turn Your Higher Education Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Barbara Coward gives us a great list of tips on how to use your website to capture more leads. After you’ve made your site personal and authentic following Suzannah Brittan’s advice above, don’t miss implementing these awesome suggestions for a full-blown website optimization.

Why Teachers and Students Should Blog

Blogging is a fundamental tool in raising awareness about your school or university, and can actually help you attract students. I’m sure you already knew that.

However, involving your students in your blogging activities can really tip the scales for all those still considering their future schools. That’s why you should let students and professors blog. Hanna Shekhter explains why.

Education + Ethics

The ethics of education are often a sensitive topic, but I don’t think we can skip over them in this roundup…

‘My Professor Demands To Be Listed As An Author On Many Of My Papers’

Publish or perish? Seems like this still rings true in today’s academic world. Check out this anonymous post in The Guardian to see how one academic takes on this sensitive matter. Plus, the author offers interesting ideas for how to tackle the problem head-on.

Marketing, Diversity and Inclusion in #highered

This great piece on higher education and ethnic diversity by Andrew Careaga sheds light on why marketing should be striving for “inclusive excellence.”

Education + Community

Both academic and student communities can help you create a better marketing strategy. The trick is to listen!

Get By With (A Lot of) Help From Your Friends  &  More Thoughts About Engaging a Community 

We talk a lot about practices and tools that will help higher ed marketers attract, engage and retain students, but we rarely talk about the community itself — the students, the professors, the academic heads — and how involving them in the conversation can help universities develop brand identities and strategies, and exponentially increase their visibility. Michael Stoner wrote these two insightful articles, which explore this side of education marketing in-depth.

How to Link Student Personas to Your Recruitment Strategy

Brooke Barone explains how creating student “buyer” personas can help you understand who your prospects are, their behavior, and how to better engage with them, allowing you to customize your recruitment plan to find the right students for your school.

BONUS: Education + Millennial Recruitment

New Research Shows Why LinkedIn Is Hot for Millennial Recruitment

LinkedIn can be your best option for recruiting new students! Read about how you can use it effectively. All this and much more from, again, Suzannah Brittan and the Higher Education Marketing Blog.

What’s your favorite article from this list? Leave a comment below and start the discussion!

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