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Higher Education Marketing: Best Online Articles of March 2015

Higher Education Roundup: Best Online Articles of March 2015

The Higher Education industry is quite dynamic. The month of March was no exception from the rule. From Sweet Briar’s demise to the promising new education startups we saw at SXSWedu, there’s lots to be excited about. Below you can find the articles we loved the most, and which we decided to share.

Get all the highlights right here, in our monthly roundup for March.

The Marketing of Things

Higher еducation marketers are always implementing new technologies and methods in order to maximize ROI and increase admissions. Тhe following articles will most surely help you in your quest.

How to Attract Students by Showcasing Your Instructors Online

Your website is the face of your school. Use it wisely when reaching out to students. Suzannah Brittan of HigherEducationMarketing.com gives us great advice on how humanizing your own website can help promote your school/college/university, and attract new students.

4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy

When it comes to marketing, mobile is a must. This also applies to Higher Education. More and more students are prospecting for schools through their phones, and so it makes sense that universities should optimize their recruitment strategy to meet this new tendency. Kendall Robertson of Uvercity gives us great tips on how to do it right.

5 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni on Twitter

Continuing with the mobile wave, you should really check out this really helpful article about Twitter engagement. Brooke Barone from Merge shows us the power of 140 symbols, and how it can be harnessed for the greater good of education.

LinkedIn Advertising for Higher Education

We’ve stressed numerous times how important LinkedIn is for universities. Advertising on LI can be of tremendous benefit to your organization. Hayley Warack of Converge Consulting shares her tips on how to successfully advertise on LinkedIn through Ads, Updates, InMail and more.

4 Key Higher Education Research Themes for 2015

Hanover Research did an amazing job identifying the themes that will be relevant to Higher Education marketers in 2015. Don’t miss them!

The Internet and Teaching

Education and the Internet go hand in hand these days. More and more people look up to the world wide web for knowledge and expertise. But how is the web changing the education industry, and what does it mean for all of us? The following post give us a glimpse into this complex question.

Net Neutrality: A Huge Victory for Education

What does net neutrality really mean for education? We often regard it as something related to illegal file-sharing, but it goes much deeper than that. It can actually jeopardize our right to learn and educate ourselves. As Aiden Wolfe points out, net neutrality can seriously affect the overall state of the education system. He also explains why we should all care about what happens with online teacher training efforts.

Failure to Innovate Leaves Sector Playing Teacher Training Catch-Up

Education is not just about students. John Elmes explains why teacher education shouldn’t be dismissed, and how it can affect the overall performance of an educational institution.

Higher Education Isn’t In Crisis

Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California, tells us that although there might be some turbulence in the industry, Higher Education as we know it is far from obsolete. In the midst of huge educational developments, read this post for some grounding.

Technology & Education

Technology plays a vital part in every marketer’s work. For each HE marketer, it’s crucial to keep track of everything that is happening in their field and to make use of the best available resources. Here’s what to expect this year:

9 Ed Tech Developments to Note from SXSWedu 2015

Who said that higher education couldn’t get any more exciting? Roger Riddell gives us an overview of some of the most innovative ed tech startups to emerge from SXSWedu.

And here’s a little bonus from February which I can’t help but share here:

5 Top Trends in Education Technology 2015

According to Aaron Skonnard, 2015 will be big for education technology. And we couldn’t agree more. From corporate to augmented e-learning and beyond, we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg.

The Bottom Line

Higher Education Marketing is always on the move.

Whether it introduces us to new ways of attracting and engaging with students or shows us how to use new technologies to revolutionize the education process, the industry is constantly changing.

Marketers know that what was new yesterday will be old news tomorrow, and as such are always experimenting with new strategies to attract new and retain old students, as well as introduce advanced concepts for pushing education higher. And this year will definitely offer us lots in terms of ideas and whatnot. So stay on the lookout for more exciting developments!

What’s your favorite article from this list? Feel like we missed something? Leave your comment below, and let us know!

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