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5 Essential Google AdWords Tips for the Mobile Era

5 Adwords tips: mobile

Google’s AdWords platform is changing, but the online search market is changing even faster. In a world where mobile searches outnumber desktop searches and consumers are more focused than ever on local results, your business can’t afford to be complacent.

The good news is that implementing new techniques and tips in your AdWords account can lead to fast changes in how your ads perform. So what are you waiting for? Start with these 5 essential AdWords tips and see what a difference they can make for your business.

Tip #1 Ensure Your Ads Are Optimized for Mobile

This is really a no-brainer. Mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches globally. That means if your ads aren’t mobile optimized, it’s going to make a massive difference in their success. Add to this that Google recently cut the number of ads shown on mobile devices and it’s clear why competition is on the rise.

There are three things you can do to check your mobile status:

  • Check in Google Analytics what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile searches.
  • Check if your ads appear on mobile by going to Campaigns > Settings > Devices.
  • Use Google Ad Preview Tool (Devices: Mobile) to see how your ads appear on mobile devices (see image below).
Google Ad Preview Tool Devices Mobile

Image: Google Ad Preview Tool > Devices: Mobile

Tip #2 Put a CALL button on your mobile ads

New advertising tools like call buttons built directly into your ads show us why we need to start thinking about advertising differently. It’s essential to make it as easy as possible for your customers to connect with you, get more information, or schedule an appointment.

A call button is one of the best ways to accomplish these tasks. The documented results of adding call buttons are amazing, with tens of million of calls to businesses being directed by such ads each month. This is a relatively new feature many businesses are still unaware of, so it’s time to learn how to use it before your competitors do (you can see in the image below that only one of the advertisers uses the CALL extension.)

Google Search Results Mobile Local


Fortunately, adding a call button isn’t difficult, simply go into your account and  follow Campaign > Ad Group > Ad Extensions > Call extension for instructions. Then, you can use the Google Ad Preview Tool mentioned above to see how it looks.

Ad Extensions Call extension

Ad Extensions > Call extension

Tip #3 Ensure Your Ads are Targeted Based on Location

Ensure Your Ads are Targeted Based on Location

Ensure Your Ads are Targeted Based on Location
Justin.li / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

If you run a flower shop in Minneapolis, you don’t want your ads being shown in Buenos Aires do you? No, that means you’re wasting your ad budget on useless clicks. Location needs to be an integral part of your ad strategy from day 1. This is particularly true in a world where the use of phrases like “near me” in searches are up 3400% since 2011.

To adjust your settings, simply go to Campaign > Settings > Locations, then you can specify your targeted area.

Campaign > Settings > Locations

Campaigns > Settings > Locations

Tip #4 Create a List Negative Keywords to Optimize Your Spending

Let’s jump back to that flower shop in Minneapolis, let’s say they don’t do online deliveries but can take special orders for pickup. They would want to use negative keywords to ensure their ads aren’t shown to anyone looking with a search query which includes “delivery.”

Once again, this is helping to make sure your ads are only being shown to relevant groups. That increases your click-through rate and the quality of your ads. Everyone wins.

Tip #5 Conversion Tracking, Because Online Advertising Isn’t “Fire and Forget”

Put simply, you can’t create an online ad campaign and simply let it run on its own. Well, you can if you want to waste money. Getting the most out of your ad budget is all about day-to-day management and continual optimization.

What does that mean in practice? It means A-B testing, trying two versions of your campaign at once to see which performs better. It means keeping an eye out for great underexploited keywords, it means always being on the lookout for what’s working and what’s not working.

  • Connect your Google Adwords account with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (Gear Icon > Linked Accounts)
  • Setup goals in Google Analytics: this might be the “thankyou” page after a client contact you or purchases something from you
  • If you start using CALL extensions, setup Conversions in Google Adwords to track each call as a lead.
Google Adwords Linked Accounts

Google Adwords > Linked Accounts (Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools)

Out of all the tips listed here, this is really the most important one. If you’re not actively managing your campaign, there’s only so much advice to help you. To get in there, get motivated, and see what online advertising can really do!

This Is Just the Beginning!

There’s still plenty more you can do beyond these basic tips. Check out our other blog posts on the latest changes in the local and mobile search area and feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

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