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The Social Media-Savvy Franchise: Franchise Marketing Strategies


Your customers (and customers-to-be) spend a lot of time on social media like Facebook or Pinterest. As a franchise operator, you want to take advantage of that – but how can your franchise marketing strategies stand out from the flood of information on social media sites?

All it takes is a bit of creativity. Check out our top ideas for successful social media marketing campaigns for franchises; people will be liking, sharing and commenting on your posts in no time – and more importantly, walking through your doors.

1. Grab Viewers With a Quiz Campaign

Make a Simple Quiz

Make a Simple Quiz
sophie purseigle / Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA

Your Goals: Foot Traffic, Lead Generation and Review Acquisition

Say you’re a UK-based Italian food chain offering home delivery. You have 20+ restaurants in different cities. You’d like to rank better in Google Maps searches, but in order to do that, you need more customer reviews on your Google My Business page. You’ve heard that other businesses ask their users to review their services via email, but you don’t have your customers’ email addresses because you don’t collect them. Here’s a neat trick to help you gather customer emails, attract reviews, generate links and create engaging and shareable content at the same time.

Make a Simple Quiz

scratchcard surveyA tool like SurveyAnyplace will help you create a simple and engaging quiz – you might ask what people like or dislike in Italian food, what they cook at home or test their knowledge of Italian cooking. It could be a fun quiz or an informational one. Fun quizzes will be shared a lot, informational ones will help you collect data.

At the end of the quiz, you can offer a voucher for a discount on food (or a gift – see image). Mobile quiz apps can let users fill out the quiz on their device and scratch out a voucher code upon completion.

Promote Your Quiz

Target the right audience for your quiz on social media. For example, our pizza and pasta chain might:

  • Target users within 2 miles of restaurant locations
  • Focus on the demographic audience (for instance, 25 – 55 years old, men and women, 1-3 kids)
  • Specify users’ interests (an option available in Facebook) like food or Italian food

Your Results

You’ll collect leads at a price of 1-2 GBP per lead and there’s a good chance they’ll come visit your restaurant to cash the voucher they’ve received. This accomplishes two of your goals: generating leads and converting viewers to customers.

By having a quiz start with filling in an email address, you’ll grow your mailing list, and if customers cash the voucher, you can ask them to review your services. Goal 3 accomplished: review acquisition.

2. Get Attention With Giveaways and Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff
Nina A.J. / Flickr / CC BY-ND

Your Goal: Lead Generation

Everyone loves free stuff. A giveaway of a free meal, a pair of boots or a low-value product offered to everyone who signs up for your mailing list can help turn strangers into loyal customers.

Susan Brandt, founder of seed company Blooming Secrets, shared this Facebook strategy with us:

“We used Facebook to give away free zinnia seed packs last summer. We ran Facebook ads and linked them to a sign-up form on our Facebook page. We were getting about 10 sign-ups a day, and then, all of sudden, over three days we added over 1000 sign-ups. The giveaway went viral on Facebook and Twitter. It wound up costing us $1.50 per sign-up. We actually had to pull it down because we ran out of seeds. We are gearing up to roll this out again.”

If you’re intrigued, find more startup social media strategies here.

3. Let Your Events Do the Work for You


Your Goal: Brand Awareness

You’re a bar chain with venues in several cities that attracts visitors by organizing concerts and DJ parties at your venues. How can you use your happy customers to gain more web and bar traffic?

  • Use local targeting to promote events on Facebook with local targeting. Ask viewers to like your page.
  • Create Facebook events for each party and invite fans of your page who live in the region to the events. Encourage them to invite their friends too. (Goal accomplished: You’ve been recommended.)
  • Take photos and tag people who attended your events in Facebook. This way, their friends will be notified and will learn about you, helping improve your brand awareness.

What do you think about these strategies? Have you already used any of them or do you have ideas for other strategies we can add to the list? If you’re a franchise operator, make sure you also check out our article on Online Marketing Tips for Franchises.

Header image photo credit: mkhmarketing’s photos @ Flickr. CC BY

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