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Ecommerce Marketing: Best Online Articles of June 2015

Ecommerce Marketing: Best Online Articles of June 2015

Еcommerce has always been a dynamic industry. What’s happening in 2015? We’ve found 10 freshly published posts that give a great overview of ecommerce’s latest advancements. Give them a quick read through if you want to learn how to market your ecommerce business successfully.

June 2015: Looking at Mobile & H2H Connections

Our main findings? In short, we’ve seen a significant growth in the sector due (but not limited) to mobile integration and omnichannel selling.

Mobile as a whole helped many retailers increase their online sales mainly because more and more people now prefer to pay through their smartphones. That’s also led companies to adopt a more mobile-friendly approach to doing business. All ecommerce sites should now be optimized for mobile devices to increase not only conversions but sales as well.

Another significant trend that we’re seeing this year is the personalization of the buying process. Buying is no longer one size fits all. Now it’s more or less tailored to the specific needs of your customers, and to properly address those needs you need customer segmentation.

How do you tap into the power of mobile and personalization? Well, user generated content and customer reviews are two things that many people underestimate, which can greatly impact how people see your brand. You shouldn’t sleep on these, as many online retailers manage to leverage them and boost sales using only their social media channels.

To read from the sources themselves, take a look at the most eye-opening posts we enjoyed reading this June:


5 Payment Mechanisms Set to Go Mainstream in the Next 2 Years
Both offline and online payments have transformed quite a bit during the past few years. Rohan Ayvar walks us trough the latest developments, and tell us what we should keep an eye out for in the future.


How to Serve Empowered Ecommerce Shoppers
The shopping process is obviously evolving. We saw the rise of small and mid-sized retailers in the past decade, and they continue to win over bigger and bigger chunks of the ecommerce market. Armando Roggio explains every bit of this transition, and gives valuable tips on how to improve your methodology.

Message for Marketers: Always Be Engaging
In this article Christopher J. Bucholtz explains why marketers should always remain engaged even when their leads are already converted into customers.


What Does Twitter’s Buy Now Button Mean For Ecommerce Retailers
Catalin Zorzini gives us a detailed look at the new Twitter Buy Now button, and what it means for ecommerce businesses.

Buyable Pins and the Future of Ecommerce
Have you noticed the new Buyable Pins on Pinterest? They offer a unique selling opportunity which, according to Linda Bustos, you can’t afford to miss out on.

3 Strategies for PPC Ad Copy, for Ecommerce
Robert Brady gives you 3 easy-to-follow tips on how to improve your PPC ad campaigns: establish relevance, prime the pump, and polish up your calls to action (CTAs).

Email and SEO best for marketing ROI
In the new age of mobile, good old emails still sell. Not only that, but email marketing has proven itself time and time again to be a highly effective form of selling products and services despite newer trends constantly gaining hype in the ecommerce industry.


3 Awesome Ecommerce Design Trends You Can Implement Today
Knowing the ins and outs of ecommerce is crucial for your success, but an important part of selling is visualization. Tucker Schreiber shows us why beautifying your website will help you sell more.

6 Overlooked Ways to Vastly Boost Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site
So, you have a great product, but no one’s noticed? Or even worse, no one’s bought yet? Maybe the problem is not in the product itself, but your website. Bryan Lovgren shows us how with the help of a few SEO and social media tricks, you can boost your online sales.

4 SEO Growth Hacks For Your eCommerce Store
Freddie Chatt gives us some very excellent SEO tips on how to get more traffic, exposure, and links for your ecommerce store.

How to Market Your Ecommerce Business in 2015

As you can see, mobile and social media are crucial for every online business. Yet, traditional brick and mortar sales are not to be ignored. Combining the old with the new in many cases may be the winning formula if you know who you’re selling to (i.e., don’t forget customer segmentation). Lastly, always listen to what your customers have to say about your product or service and adjust accordingly.

What’s your favorite article from this list? Leave a comment below and start the discussion!

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