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Digital Marketing for Startups | Kate Proykova’s Interview for Media Shower



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Our Managing Director Kate Proykova has been recently interviewed by Media Shower as part of their Expert Interview Series.

The interview discusses how to construct a digital marketing strategy when just starting out in business, and Kate shares her advice on how to create a winning strategy for your startup.

Here are the main takeaways.

Brand Awareness

In her interview Kate stresses that one of the most important thing when formulating your strategy is building brand awareness. She recommends aiming at something that brings more immediate results and is easier to measure, such as web traffic. Brand awareness takes time so one shouldn’t expect immediate results. For starters startups should indentify their buyer persona(s), and do a keyword research. Both things help companies find their potential buyers, and asses their search intent. Web traffic, according to Kate relies on promoting the content to the target audience through social media, and ranking organically in search results.

Quality Content and Website Authority

Kate says that in order to produce quality content you should identify your clients’ pain points, and offer them the best possible solution. You can do that by doing:

  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • Competitor research

Producing quality content leads to higher rankings in Google which increases your website authority. It’s not always easy coming with a great article topic so one thing that Kate suggests is to actively communicate with your clients about what’s trending in their industry. She further explains that the more targeted your content is, the higher the possibility is to reach the right target audience. Analyzing what your competitors are doing online might also give you a clue about your content strategy, and what you can do to improve it. So always keep an eye on the competition.

To read more about Kate’s views on digital marketing for startups, and how to optimize your content strategy so that it can drive more traffic to your website, click here.


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