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SEO and Content Marketing: The Sophisticated Process to Web Traffic Increase

seo and content marketing for web traffic increase

“Clients sign up for SEO and Content Marketing services, but it is web traffic that they are interested in.” Digital Marketing agencies need to keep this goal in mind and adjust their strategies to it. The quote is a mantra we’ve come up with, based on years of experience, and reminding ourselves of it with every new client

Our Valentine’s Day Gift to You: A Guide to Life, Love, and Guest Blogging

It’s complex. It’s mysterious. Its death has been loudly proclaimed many times over. Am I talking about love? Yes! Love… and guest blogging.
So whether you’re new to guest blogging or a seasoned professional, there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to explore the mysterious depths of the ancient art of courtship.

B2B and B2C E-commerce Case Studies — SEO, Content Marketing and CRO

ecommerce content marketing case studies

E-commerce sites experience the most fierce competition on the Internet. That’s why finding ways to increase e-store website traffic and search engine rankings are always on any online shop owner’s or marketeer’s mind. And with good reason. From link building and targeted ads, to user experience and SEO, there’s an overwhelming number of strategies out there. So how do

Online Marketing Guide for Travel Industry Businesses

Online marketing for the travel industry businesses

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu Online marketing is crucial for any online business and the travel & tourism industry is no exception. But how can you compete with websites like TripAdvisor, Fedora, Lonely Planet or Booking.com? To get your business going and growing you first

How to Generate Student Leads from Social Media

Generating student “leads” for college enrollment is not too different than lead generation for business to business companies. Whether you’re a marketing executive at a B2B company, or a college recruiter, qualified leads are the lifeblood of an institution. Social media often plays an crucial role in the decision-making process of prospective students —  early

Sharing is selling: Getting Your Customers to Hit the “Share” Button

A quick search for “share button marketing” brings up lots of information on what sharing is, and how your company can add “share” buttons to marketing materials. It’s certainly crucial to make this technology accessible to your readership. However, what’s missing from the discussion is an explanation of exactly why sharing is so important, and

Content marketing for Educational institution [with extras]

Results: 220% Growth in Non-branded Keyword Traffic for 6 months, 100% Growth in Facebook Fans for 4 months Back in October 2012 we started working on a new project – content marketing for an educational institution. We promised an article each week as well as social media management. And we expected non-branded traffic growth. Content

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