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Top 5 Social Media Trends to Prepare For in 2018

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Social media is one of the best ways to reach and expand your customer base. You couldn’t have missed that, unless you’ve been hitchhiking the Galaxy for the past few years, waiting for Elon Musk’s Tesla car to come around. If you’ve been at the office all that time, you’ve probably done all the work.

Use Facebook Data to Shape Your International Student Recruitment Strategy

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Universities lacking the international brand recognition of top tier institutions can build global awareness through Facebook For many universities, international student recruiting is a high priority and the competition for international students has never been more intense. Thankfully, there are so many international students interested in pursuing studies abroad, that every university no matter the size, reputation or ranking can bring

Growth Hack Your Enrollment Funnel

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10 things you can do now to improve results for Fall 2017 Decision day is fast approaching and the pressure is on to meet those enrollment targets. You need to convert those started applicants to completed applicants and accepted applicants to enrolled students. Here are a few easy to implement growth hacking tips to help

Everything You Need To Be A Social Media Rockstar

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An infographic that shows you key strategies for today’s largest platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube; the best times and days to post your content for maximum reach; images sizing guides; keyboard shortcuts; crucial tools; how to write irresistible headlines and more.

Why Startups Should Ditch Traditional PR and Focus on Inbound PR

As a startup, you probably don’t know how to do PR at all. You don’t have the experience nor the internal capabilities or resources. On the other hand, you can’t afford to hire a PR agency that’s going to be able to do PR the right way for you. But you’re just starting out as

Gym, Weight Loss, New Skills: How Businesses Can Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

Lose weight, exercise more, learn a new skill: these are among the top new year’s resolutions that people make. Below, you can see the search trends for some of these terms in Google and the obvious peaks in January. Unlike in e-commerce, here the season starts after the holidays end. If your business involves fitness, yoga, weight-loss

The Social Media-Savvy Franchise: Franchise Marketing Strategies

Your customers (and customers-to-be) spend a lot of time on social media like Facebook or Pinterest. As a franchise operator, you want to take advantage of that – but how can your franchise marketing strategies stand out from the flood of information on social media sites? All it takes is a bit of creativity. Check

How DIY Digital PR Can Get You Media Coverage Part II [Startups]

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As we discussed in part I of our Digital PR DIY series, there are a lot of things which can help you get coverage from reputable media outlets, acquire valuable backlinks and raise your brand’s awareness. Now that you know how to get your content out there, it’s time to look inward and make sure

How DIY Digital PR Can Get You Media Coverage [Startups]

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Often startups and SMEs do not have the financial or human resources to invest in PR efforts. However, in a digital space saturated with information, it is vital to create trust and establish and nurture relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, you can still connect with industry leaders and boost your brand’s image

6 Simple Steps to Creating a Facebook Campaign

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Any business selling a product or service should be spending on Facebook. Facebook’s reach is huge (1.4+ billion people) and the cost is relatively low, so great potential for strong ROI. Setting up a Facebook campaign is fairly simple. Here’s a quick 6-step list for getting a campaign going on Facebook. 1) Create an Audience

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