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SEO for Local Businesses 101: Easy Tips to Improve Your Website Now

By now, local businesses know that online traffic is vital for their business. Plumbers, roofers, tilers and contractors know that people read forums and do research online when they need to hire a service provider. This applies to all locally-oriented businesses like hairdressers, wedding photographers, driving instructors, home care, security services and anything else that comes to

Franchise Marketing: SEO, Local, and SEM Tips to Make Your Franchise Famous

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No franchiser wants to see their brand fade into the background. You want your brand to grow and attract new franchisees. And the trick to doing that means treating your franchises like they’re famous. What do we mean? First of all, you want your franchise to be locally famous. Don’t think of it as an extension

Content Marketing or Link Building: Where Should I Put My Money?

content marketing or linkbuilding

As a skilled business owner, you’re fully aware of how important it is to rank high on Google’s SERP (search engine results page). The easier it is for people to find about your business, the more visitors you’ll get to your site. More visits equal more sales; sounds simple, right? A higher number of backlinks from

5 Ecommerce SEO Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

ecommerce mistakes

The primary goal of a marketing team is to make sure that their ecommerce website has all the tools necessary to draw in customers, as opposed to scaring them way in the opposite direction. On paper, this sounds easy. Making ecommerce websites palatable and appealing to visitors is a steep challenge given the fact that Google rankings are

SEO for Lawyers: 5 Practical Tips for Improving Your Legal Website

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Lawyers bid the highest in Google Adwords, with cost-per-click (CPC) going above $500 in some cases. That is because optimizing your Legal office website for appearing in free search results can mean a lot for your business, both in terms of cost-saving and new clients. Below we’ve listed 5 major features you need to make sure your website has, even if

Negative SEO: Understanding the Dark Side of SEO

dark side of seo

Black hat SEO tactics acquired their name from the dark-brimmed villains of old Westerns. Thing is, most of us see ourselves as the triumphant hero, ready to save the day with fantastic content and masterful optimization. But even the greatest SEO white hat heroes among us can be victims of black hat tactics. That’s right, on

SEO and Content Marketing: The Sophisticated Process to Web Traffic Increase

seo and content marketing for web traffic increase

“Clients sign up for SEO and Content Marketing services, but it is web traffic that they are interested in.” Digital Marketing agencies need to keep this goal in mind and adjust their strategies to it. The quote is a mantra we’ve come up with, based on years of experience, and reminding ourselves of it with every new client

What Is Mobilegeddon and How Can You Use It?

Frankly, this is all a bit like when your older brother tells you to stop annoying him or he’ll hit you. You knew this was coming and hopefully prepared. Personally I sympathize with Google here because I was that older brother. So, how do you know if you’re going to be that little brother getting beaten up by this update?

HTML5 & SEO: Simple Coding for Search Engine Friendliness

Did you know that you can turn your website into an SEO beast using HTML5? HTML5 is the best thing to happen to websites, since sliced bread happened to the world. This new code allows you to structure your site in a language search engines understand — so you’ll always know how search engines are viewing and interpreting it.

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