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15 Reasons Why You Need to Think Mobile for Your 2018 Admissions Funnel

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We’ve been hearing about the shift to mobile for years now, but are university admission professionals really taking it to heart? Whether or not you’re glued to your own phone, you can’t get through a bus ride, grocery store checkout line or family dinner without someone pulling out their smartphone. When it comes to teens

Smartphones: The New Pathway for Recruiting International Students

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As the current academic year has come to a close and high school students around the world finish their school years, it’s time for both recruiters and high school seniors to think about applications for the 2018-19 academic year. While domestic students may drag their feet on applications, international students need to plan ahead. As

12 Mobile Statistics Every Higher Education Marketer Should Know

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Today’s teenagers are mobile-first internet users. They own a smartphone and they use it a lot. To connect and engage with prospective students, universities need a mobile-first marketing strategy. However, according to research conducted by Google and Hop Online, most universities fail to provide a good mobile web user experience. Accelerated Mobile Pages for Universities

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