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SEO for Lawyers: 5 Practical Tips for Improving Your Legal Website

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Lawyers bid the highest in Google Adwords, with cost-per-click (CPC) going above $500 in some cases. That is because optimizing your Legal office website for appearing in free search results can mean a lot for your business, both in terms of cost-saving and new clients. Below we’ve listed 5 major features you need to make sure your website has, even if

Law Marketing: Monthly Roundup May 2015

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Law has always had its strict rules and policies. The same applies to its marketing branch. But these days, lawyers find it increasingly difficult to stay competitive without reaching out to law marketing. The thing is that more and more lawyers are becoming early technology adopters as more and more law practices are being done

Online Marketing for Law Firms — We’ve Been Featured by The Expert Institute

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We’ve been featured in the latest @TheExpertInst blog post,  10 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online! Joseph O’Neill has compiled a ton of useful expert advice including our thoughts on NAP (name, address,  and phone) and Local SEO. Here is The Expert Institute’s  full list of online marketing recommendations for law firms: Capitalize on Personal Brands Think Locally

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