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Higher Education Marketing: Finding Prospective Students


Invest time and resources to multiple channel efforts and carefully measure which channel works best in attracting your specific audience. It all boils down to knowing what types of students you want in your institution, where they are in your funnel, and how you can effectively provide the proper content through the proper channel.

Advanced Marketing Metrics Your College Should Measure

If your college or university is interested in enticing a fresh crop of students every year, you’re already looking at basic marketing metrics. To determine how successful your outreach efforts are, you’ll look at page views and unique visitor numbers to see if your word is getting out. Unfortunately, basic marketing metrics like these have shortcomings.

The Content Marketing Matrix For Higher Education

The Content Marketing Matrix is composed of two axes, one moving from emotional to rational, and the other moving from entertaining to inspiring. Fun, highly shareable pieces like quizzes or listicles sit in the emotional and awareness-raising quadrant, while financial information, with their rational focus, convince students to purchase. Each quadrant is defined differently, and universities will have to appeal to each section.

Best Twitter Practices From Top Universities

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Being active on social media is a necessity for any group, especially one as big as a university. Universities spend tens of thousands of dollars on branding campaigns not only because identity is so central to the university experience, but because it has such an impact on attracting students and maintaining positive alumni relationships. A

The Marketing Value Of Student- Generated Content

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University Graduation Brunel University / Flickr / CC BY-NC   Social proof can be one of the strongest stimuli for convincing someone to do something. In education marketing, it’s no different. Student and alumni testimonials on your university website are a must have, but they must also be done in authentic ways in order to be

How to Generate Student Leads from Social Media

Generating student “leads” for college enrollment is not too different than lead generation for business to business companies. Whether you’re a marketing executive at a B2B company, or a college recruiter, qualified leads are the lifeblood of an institution. Social media often plays an crucial role in the decision-making process of prospective students —  early

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