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New Beginnings

Yogi Berra said it best: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” I have reached that fork again. After founding Hop Online five years ago and leading its growth and development since the beginning, today I’m stepping down as CEO. I’ve accepted an offer from Google for the role of Country

The offline activities of Hop Onliners

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From my first day at Hop Online I have had the feeling that I am in the right place. Not only because my job allows me to develop as a professional but also because of the unique environment created by the combination of exceptional individuals in the company. But today I won’t talk about workflows,

Meet Anastasia, our awesome Chief Operations Officer

We managed to pin down Anastasia, our super-organised and dynamic Chief Operations Officer, to ask her a few questions about her role at Hop Online where she is greatly admired for her ability to keep on top of everything and find a solution to (almost) every administrative and strategic problem. In so doing, we discovered

How to make remote teamwork work

  Distributed teams, working remotely, define the modern workplace. Content marketing teams more often follow, rather than defy, this trend. Managers might assume that remote teams threaten productivity. But we’ve actually found that allowing more flexibility around work schedule and working location actually strengthens communication flow between team members and improves the productivity of the team

Meet Ina, Our Amazing Creative Director

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Ina Karadzhova is the Creative Director of Hop Online. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria, she later moved to the United States, Chicago, where she lived until she joined Hop Online in 2011. We finally pinned Ina down for a few moments to ask some questions about what she does, what inspires her, and how she feels

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