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5 Ecommerce SEO Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

The primary goal of a marketing team is to make sure that their ecommerce website has all the tools necessary to draw in customers, as opposed to scaring them way in the opposite direction. On paper, this sounds easy. Making ecommerce websites palatable and appealing to visitors is a steep challenge given the fact that Google rankings are in a state of constant change.

When you are developing an ecommerce website, there are plenty of errors that you can succumb to. Here are 5 of the most notable ones:

1) Boring and Common Titles

If you can’t get the title right, you may as well give up on your ecommerce SEO pursuits. Using duplicated title tags is a horrendous mistake to make. Choosing a generic title may seem life the safe option, but in marketing, you can’t expect rewards without risk. Hence, coming up with unique title tags is a topmost priority for any ecommerce website developer.

2) Lack of Social Media Integration

Anyone who does not realize the benefits of social media is probably living in a cave. This is the age of social media. Not incorporating social media into your ecommerce business would be a comical display of foolishness. Make sure that you have social media links included on your ecommerce website.

3) Not Allowing Customers to give Opinion

The best form of advertisement is positive product reviews from your value customers. Nothing else comes close to that. Give your customers the voice that they deserve, and you’ll be the one who will end up enjoying the benefits of increased sale. As a matter of fact, studies suggest that 70% of visitors seek the opinions of previous customers.

4) Not Including a Product Description

Google is smart, but not really smart enough to link your unlabeled picture with the relevant information. If your product does not have a comprehensive, detailed and informative product description, then it is likely to slip down Google’s rankings. The quality of the product description is as importance as its presence. The content must be unique and relevant to your ecommerce website.

5) Repetitive Content

So you think you can get away with posting the same information over and over again? Not really. This is where Google can be a real pain in the back. Google penalizes websites that post duplicated content. Make sure that the content in every section of your website does not match with any other section.

The World Wide Web is as complex, dynamic, and competitive as it ever was. You need to be on your toes at all times to stay ahead of the curve. Avoid these 5 fatal mistakes of ecommerce SEO, and you will take one step closer to climbing up the ladder in the ecommerce hierarchy.

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