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Company History

Hop Online's team

Hop Online was founded in Bulgaria in 2009 by Paris Childress, who served as CEO until May 2014. He is now the Country Business Development Manager for Google in Bulgaria.

Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Hop Online has grown into a multilingual, multi-talented team of marketers, serving dozens of companies in several industries all across the globe.

Our roots lie in search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing. In 2011, SEO and Inbound marketing industry leader Moz gave special recognition to Hop Online’s search marketing services, placing us on their prestigious Recommended Companies List.

The company never stands still. As new technologies and methods constantly reshape the online marketing landscape, Hop Online evolves and adapts nimbly with relevant services.

Beyond SEO and paid search management, the company offers complete Inbound marketing solutions that include content marketing, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

Our clients range from tiny start-ups like Zillidy to household brands like The Wall Street Journal. But no matter the client’s size or budget, our goal for every project remains the same -- to delight clients and deliver measurable value that helps them grow their businesses.


Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of our clients by growing their businesses through the web.

Core Values

We have 3 core values from which we never waiver:

  1. Excellence — We strive for excellence in every single aspect of our business. From every character of every word published on behalf of a client to entire multi-channel marketing strategies, we are never satisfied with anything but exceptional quality of work that delights our clients and their audiences. Our excellence makes us competitive with the best in the world in our industry.
  2. Curiosity – Online marketing is the most dynamic and fast-changing industry that exists. We nurture a healthy curiosity for what’s coming next, for what skills and knowledge we will need to acquire when new trends disrupt our norms. Curiosity pushes us to respond and adapt faster to change. It drives our collective desire for constant learning.
  3. Sharing — We share our knowledge and our ideas with our clients and with each other openly, transparently and with respect. We do this to help our teammates, partners and clients gain knowledge that will help them improve and become better professionals.

What Makes Us Special

We have something very unique that no other marketing agency in the world has -- a highly-skilled, English-fluent team of experts sitting together in Europe’s most cost-competitive country.

Our team competes with the best online marketers in the US, UK and any other advanced countries around the world.

How? It’s because knowledge in our industry is fluid. We have the same access to it as anyone else anywhere. Combine this readily-accessible knowledge with a drive and determination to master our craft, and the result is something very special.

We invest heavily in the knowledge of our people -- our greatest asset -- and in the tools that drive their productivity. We attend the top conferences worldwide in our industry. We train our staff with the best training programs out there. We arm our teams with the best tools. We actively read the top blogs and follow the most influential thought leaders.

But that’s not all. Given our 5+ years of experience in online marketing, we also contribute to the industry conversation through our own blog posts, expert guides, webinars, videos and ebooks.

That’s why it makes great sense to partner with us. It all comes down to ROI. There simply is no better quality-to-cost ratio for your marketing investment anywhere.

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