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Teodora Petrova
SM Specialist
Teodora Petrova
An eclectic person by nature, Teo likes to challenge her creativity and to come up with effective solutions to any given task. Prior to joining Hop Online, she has gathered valuable experience in international environments in marketing, communications, and advertising. As a true foodie and passionate art aficionado, Teo often spends her spare time experimenting with healthy vegetarian recipes, while listening to jazz or some funky tunes.

eclectic, kind, jazz.
head straight over to the kitchen and make coffee/tea and breakfast.
motivated! And usually listening to a podcast or some funky tune.
motivation, concentration and positive attitude!
life itself.
you mean apart from Facebook, right? Youtube, Instagram, Gmail.
do sports, cook, read, hang out with friends and family, explore, travel... basically enjoy living my life.
is the evening.
it combines everything that I like and I think I'm good at - communicate, analyze, be creative.
everything! Usually by art or some beautiful story.
is my own min!
to stop negative thinking... like forever.
a book, couple of hair bands, hand cream, my glasses, and a table lamp. It is really crowded.
sometimes people are so mean to each other.
buy some nice presents for my loved ones and I'll probably invest in a cause that'll have a positive impact on the society, something like that. But I don't play the lottery, so I have to rely on hard work instead.
I'd say that I help companies promote their businesses.
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