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Petar Nikolov
Project Manager
Petar Nikolov
While studying for 4 years in Scotland, Petar oriented himself towards the goal of people and project management. Being competitive and detail oriented, he graduated from Glasgow University with Honors in Management and Economics. Loves the thrill of new experiences - skydiving, travelling, partying. Fan of food, whisky and drones. Doesn't think bios really work — you can't summarize a person.

strict, inquisitive, resourceful.
open my eyes
my phone, my laptop and internet.
YouTube, Quora, Facebook.
airsoft, snowboarding, swimming, skydiving, reading.
late in the evening when I finally get in my bed.
it gives me purpose.
people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.
Salamanca, Spain.
a bottle of water, books, my kindle, a notepad and several pens.
do we dream.
try to fix some of the problems humanity is facing.
I help out companies develop and improve their advertising by using computers and technology.
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