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Natalie Smithson
Content Creator
Natalie Smithson
Natalie is a freelance writer from the UK. She writes blog posts to spec on all kinds of topics, from careers in healthcare, to yachts, and stag dos. She is fast, efficient, and always finds the right words to resonate with the reader. Natalie also edits the work of other writers and, as our resident Brit, checks content with reference to English culture to make sure we never talk about things like "fanny packs".

quirky, creative, and determined
wonder how many more minutes in bed I can get away with.
to challenge myself and see how much further I can grow as an individual.
something to scribble on, cups of tea, and the knowledge that there are snacks available if I choose to give in to them.
giving things a go; who knows where you might end up.
Twitter, Google, and Pinterest
quite a lot of kitchen dancing with my young family.
has gotta be lights out.
my natural resource for writing content and coming up with creative ideas is completely unlimited, I just focus in and roll with it.
every parent out there who works hard for a positive work/life balance. It doesn't come easy, but it's worth every effort.
the ability to mute people.
a pug (glasses case), my phone, and a book or Kindle.
time has to go so fast when we're having fun.
keep it quiet and deliver secret envelopes with money inside.
I'd say I help people write about what they do and promote their product or service online. Let's not go anywhere near "SEO."
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