Our People
Maria Antonova
Social Media Coordinator
Maria Antonova
The lady behind every email, Maria charms bloggers and marketers alike with smile and wit while developing long-lasting relationships with content creators from all over the world. When she's not pitching articles, she turns into a koala and escapes into the woods!

Scandinavia, penguins, music
Fall asleep again.
Filled with energy and urge for new experiences.
A laptop, internet and a huge cup of coffee.
Books, blogs, experience and communication.
Youtube, Facebook and HubSpot
I read, listen to music, watch a movie, go out, talk to my parents, to my friends.
A great opportunity to develop in a field I am concerned about, it's fun and flexible & great coworkers!
Brashlyan, a village in Strandzha mountain in Bulgaria.
Deadly sense of humour!
A nightlamp and probably just an unfinished chocolate or anything sweet and eatable...
People are so angry...
Pay my bills and...probably travel the world with what's left.
I help companies and my colleagues with promoting their content.
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