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Lyubomir Gazibarov
Project Manager
Lyubomir Gazibarov
A free spirit by nature and a project manager by trade, Lyubomir graduated BA but decided to delve into digital marketing to satisfy his need to be on par with the digital world and its unending potential. When not contemplating digital strategies he enjoys eastern arts and practices, psychedelic music, being in nature and the pleasures of meaningful conversation.

kind, smiling, exergonic.
Tibetan yoga.
as I am.
in no particular order: laughter, water, epic collegues.
the times I've had/been the least.
YouTube, Brain Pickings, ScienceAlert.
Tai Chi, nature walks, sports, read & write, listen to a lot of, and produce a little music.
Noon / Early evening.
it has the 3 things I can't work without.
giving other people the superpower they actually need.
yesterday's tea.
I really don't.
be very lucky!
I help the Internet help the people.
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